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Jyeffe Diamonds (pronounced like dji-eff)

Paris to Antwerp
Rail: 2 hours
Drive: 2½ hours
Amsterdam to Antwerp
Rail 2 hours
Drive: 2: 20 hours
London to Antwerp
direct flight:45 min 

Antwerp, Belgium

How diamond sales work:

Diamonds are mined in many places throughout the world, but about 90% of them are mined in South Africa by DeBeers. The majority of these are sold as rough, unpolished stones in Antwerp, the world’s diamond capitol.

Jyeffe is part of one of the largest groups that buys rough uncut stones, turning them into the polished diamonds that are sold worldwide. Diamond specialists from around the world come to Antwerp to buy their diamonds. By buying your diamonds directly from the Jyeffe, you’re buying from the highest source possible - unless you buy uncut rough rocks!

Who buys from Jyeffe?
Jewelers from around the world, including shopping mall chain stores, discount diamond sellers in most major cities including and come to buy theselves their goods in Antwerp from us, the manufacturers especially those tourist shops in Amsterdam!

Can’t I get the same price from my local jeweler?
Most small jewelers buy from distributors - who buy from Antwerp’s Wholesale Diamond Sellers. Buy buying directly from us, you are eliminating TWO middlemen.


Are you planning a trip to Belgium, Holland, Paris, or northeastern France? While you’re here, be sure set aside a few hours to visit Jyeffe Diamonds - one of Antwerp’s respected sellers of loose diamonds.

Jyeffe Diamonds is not a jewelry store. We’re diamond wholesalers, normally selling to many of the jewelry store chains in North America and Europe. Jyeffe also sells diamonds to private buyers (by appointment) referred from this website - and at wholesale prices!At the condition you visit us personally at our offices!

Jyeffe offers a wide range of diamond sizes from 0.75 ct, 1ct and up. You can buy just the loose diamond. For the setting we will introduce you to te greatest setting manufacturerers, but we don't do thta ourselves.  The amount you save will probably pay for your entire European vacation!

Just let us know when you’re going to be near Antwerp and what day is best for you (about 10 days in advance). We’ll have a selection ready for your visit. There’s no obligation to buy. Of course, to be perfectly honest, 99% of everyone who has visited us has purchased a diamond!


How to contact us:

By email [email protected]
By phone (Please remember we are +6 hours from NYC).
From the USA/Canada: 01-32-475810857
From Europe: 00-32-475810857
From Belgium: 0475810857
Nous Parlons Francais-we speak English-wir sprechen Deutsch-Wij spreken Vlaams and Nederlands!  You can also call for the prices and inventory no.00-3238314145

How to buy a diamond - and pay wholesale!

  1. Decide how much you want to spend - or what you want to buy. For example, if your budget is US$5000, go to your local “shopping mall” jewelry store and see what the $5000 will buy you.
  2. Email us. Don’t tell us what you were quoted at your jewelry store - let us tell you what they pay, and what your price will be.
  3. Now that you know how much more you can buy - often a diamond double or triple the size - let us know what you want.


Carats is a measurement of the diamond’s weight. When used for round diamonds, it can also be used to determine the size:
1 Carat = 6.5 mm = .256 inches = 200 milligrams