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Welcome to my renovated web site! Don't consider this a typical travel guide -- like the many are already on the web or in the stores. This is a realistic guide that I wrote with enthusiasm that I hope to share. I endeavoured to avoid the "fairy tale" vision other guide books usually present to their readers, glossing over reality. Reality is very important, and that's why I�m sure that many of you will prefer knowing the real world in which you travel.

This is not a commercial travel site. I am not a travel agent -- just a fellow traveler. Recommendations on this site are earned by my personal experiences at the listed establishments.

This site is the result of my 41 years of extensive European travels. Throughout these journeys, I have I recorded my experiences and special memories, making appropriate annotations.  Of course, I'm not a walking encyclopedia, so I used a huge and I hope trustworthy bibliography and some printed resources, which I will mention when applicable.
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