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The best way to visit Venice is to get lost. You will always find your way back and it will be the most thrilling experience of your lifetime!
“”Take as main rule to behave as you would behave anywhere, simple on not complicated. If you like to visit churches, visit churches, if you liker paintings, go and admire paintings, but don’t force yourself by regarding it as a duty. In Venice you don’t HAVE TO, you don’t have to look romantic or fake to be an aesthete…juts take the beauty into you with attention and without vanity. You are not the first and certainly not the last J. Nothing special about to be in Venice. 150,000 people do the same every day of the year, excluding the San Marco horses, doves, pigeons, dogs and cats.”” (Henri de Regnier “Altana or Venetian Life”1899-1924”).
To profit most of Venice you must of course walk, walk and walk again. However it is not always funny to do that when it’s raining it is the only recommendable way to go off beaten path and to approach “authentic” Venetian life”. The whole city is packed with art treasures but the districts where you can still taste real unalloyed life are probably CANNAREGIO, DORSODURO and SANTA CROCE.
It is often very busy and crowded on vaporetto no.1 but still a cheap way to see Venice from the water. If you take it in the evening and sit on the deck, even risking catching a cold, you will be treated with an unforgettable spectacle. A ticket cost 6,000 LIT, a 7-daiys ticket 60,000 LIT.
At the local APT yopu can get for free the small paper “Leo” in Italian and English: where you find, except history, architecture and gastronomy articles, the “Bussola” a retrievable events program. You can also ask about the brochures “Oltre San Marco” wit the well indicated off beaten walks.
In cafés and restaurants try to get the “Vivi Venezia” with tips for eating, drinking and shopping.