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It is known that many pigeons come to the piazza San Marco. But not only volatiles, another species, better known as “pigeon touristicus”, which have the tendency of letting themselves be fleeced of their difficult earned money.
The City of Doges passed from a merchant republic to a mercantile state where everything is permitted to make some money on the back of the innocent tourist. Of course, Venice is the ultimate dream of many people but nothing justifies the price blaze of our days. Here a shabby and poverty-stricken hotel proposes miniscule cupboards as rooms for 100 USD, there a restaurant serves you royally a dry fish as big as a sardine for 20 USD, a glass merchant proposes “genuine and original Murano” figures for the price of a Canaletto. One day, I couldn’t resist asking the waiter why prices where so expensive in his place. He answered with a charming smile: ”But you are in Venice, signor! “.
So let’s make a deal. Don’t support such practices and play fully the competition card especially in low season. Discuss all prices of al objects! (especially when they seem out of price), compare the menus, and don’t hesitate to back off when you smell a rip-off. It’s not that tell you to become paranoiac or aggressive, but just act with wise judgment.
But good news for all who are not sure or want to complain. The Venice department of Tourism created a free telephonic service for all those who think they have been taken a walk by Venetian merchants. You can file a complaint but you can’t stay anonymous!  The operators speak several languages and guarantee an immediate intervention. Phone 167-355-920.
But don’t despair. There are still enough honest and friendly Venetians tat will sell you quality products for sweet and normal prices. I just wanted to warn you so you will not go home a deceived person…