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When to visit?
Venice has such a charm that all seasons are fit to visit, but since July and August are the busiest months you will have great difficulties to find a hotel. Same problem in January but for a whole different reason! Most of the hotels close for a thorough clean up before the carnival. So if you can, pick the most agreeable months: June and September. And during winter, Venice through its mist radiates an extraordinary, particular and mysterious atmosphere. Beware of May, the windiest and most rainy month.
Important: most tourists leave Venice at night. Even during the summer, from 22.00 hours, Venice regains its real face and identity. A walk in the night is simple a fairy tale. And there is absolutely nobody as soon as you leave the neighbourhood of the Rialto or piazza San Marco. Yes, dear friends: Venice goes early to bed!

Where to lodge?
Venice and its suburbs count about 95,000 beds. Nevertheless book in advance whenever you go and especially in the summer and carnival.
PREPARE YOU STAY: absolutely at least one or two months in advance, even three for the peak season. Most of the hotel owners speak English “Parla Inglese?” Send a postal wire (vaglia postale) corresponding to one or two nights stay. Or else your credit card number.
YOU ARRIVE WITHOUT RESERVATION: Let me be clear. You take lot of risks to stay outside at night. Take it for almost granted that if you haven’t found a hotel before 18.00 it is better to return on the continent. I have numerous stories of tourists that stranded, blocked in Venice at night, without a room. It’s useless to seek refuge at your consulate. They cannot help you. So as soon as you arrive run to the AVA (Associazione Veneziana Albergatori) at Marco Polo airport, Santa Lucia station, piazzale Roma and piazza San Marco. They will see what the availabilities are but the choice will be limited. Also very important! Don’t trust beaters at the train station proposing hotel rooms for very doubtful prices and hotels. I hope you got the picture! ;-) Better stay in a nice room in Mestre where there are several hotels and restaurants for affordable and reasonable prices. A bus or train will bring you next day to Venice. The whole trip takes 15 minutes.