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Venice special hotel recommendations

I will dedicate this page to some of Venice's best hotels regarding price/quality. I will put some I judged myself but most will be reviewed and earn the fact to be listed here by local people, Italians and very difficult (pain in the ass, call them like that :-)))customers who I asked them privately to send me a review as soon as they can. They will be fully credited by me and their name will appear (if they wish so off course) next to the review.
Some of the places might already be cited in my hotel recommendations in the Venice section, but that’s prior to this page (it's today 30th of June 2004) and are totally independent. Objectivity is always been my priority, you all know that by now. When it is a commercial add, I always will let you know. 

                                NOT A COMMERCIAL AD    Hotel Ca'Zose   your best choice    NOT A COMMERCIAL AD