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Entre Ciel et Terre
5 rue Herold tel 0145084984 Paris 1
Mo.Bourse or Palais Royal. Open lunch 12.00-15.00 and dinner 19.00-22.00
Closed Saturday and Sunday. Good, equilibrated and fresh vegetarian cuisine like tarte carotte et menthe fraiche, gratin du jour, lasagnes, vegetables omelettes, very well made. Delicious desserts, simple and convivial cadre, very sympathetic staff. Menu for 10.75 € for lunch and 13.50 €.

Country Life, 6 rue Daunou tel 0142974851 Paris 2
Mo.Opera.  Open 11.30-14.30 and 18.30-22.30;
Not very sylvan despite the name. But let’s stay honest, the dining room, without being of a crazy gaiety, doesn’t resemble a monk’s cantina where the vow of silence has been taken. But the ambience is calm. Entree, buffet and plats du jour: broccoli cake, boulghour nature, purée et cocos bains sauce forestière, soupe oseille-fenouil, etc….. Notice: alcohol and cigarettes are strictly forbidden.

Grand Appetit, 9 rue de la Cerisaie tel 0140270495 Paris 4
Mo.Bastille. Open Monday to Thursday 12.00-15.00, Friday 12.00-14.00. Closed Saturday and Sunday.
Next to an impeccable bio-shop you are sure to find in your dish very fresh and well cared for products. Soupe miso (3 €), cereals, vegetables, crudités, sushi, and other are honestly prepared. An unavoidable address for vegetarians and other amateurs of healthy food. The décor is rather austere and for those who are interested this restaurant gives lessons in macrobiotic cuisine on Sundays (14.50 €)

Guen Mai, 2 bis rue de l’Abbaye tel 0143260324  Paris 6
Mo. Saint Germain des Pres. Only open for lunch from 12.00 to 15.30. Closed Sunday.
Open since the years 30 it is probably the oldest macrobiotic of the capital. A lot of personalities of politics and show business came at least once to eat the “riz complet” at this place. I heard even BB came her in the 60’s). Today the clientele is more anonymous but still very serious in its macrobiotic convictions. Tarte aux legumes avec crudités, assiette avec ceréales et légumes, jus de légumes or fresh fruit. Count about 12.50 €.

La Fermette d’Olivier, 40 rue du Faubourg Montmartre tel 0147700688 Paris 9 Mo.Grands Boulevards. Open 12.00-15.00 and 19.00-22.00. Closed Saturday and Sunday.
A very simple small farmhouse hidden in an inner courtyard with a miniscule terrace in the summer. Choose between gomoko rice (13 €), riz complet, and legumes avec légumineuses avec crudités, assiette Zen (13 €), sarrasin, semoule, bio vegetables, poached fish. The reception is normal but friendly and the calm atmosphere a bit sleepy ;-). Formula for 12.50 € and menu for 14.50 €.

Aquarius, 40 rue de Gergovie tel 0145413688 Paris 14
Mo.Plaisance. Open 12.00-15.00 and 19.30-22.00. Closed on Sunday.
The green address of the area. Big salads (50-55 FF), omelettes (1.60-1.80 €), tofou croquettes garnies crudités (4.50 €), salads aux algues macérées ),(4.50 €) galettes de flocons de céréales (0.65-1.16 €), tartiflette: pommes de terre, reblochon, vegetal jambon (1.50 €), you will not starve to death here ;-) ;-)! And to drink with your healthy food, excellent bio wines and quality bio beer! Count about 15 €. (Mr.Boytum/C.Morisette sent me his review lately and I thank him for that: 
Rather small restaurant ran by a middle aged (what seemed to be) couple (they were quite frisky when we were there 2 years ago....they obviously enjoy what they do...and enjoy doing it together). The food was great, and it was obvious that I wasn't the only one to think so - the place was packed when we were there (well it WAS a Saturday night) and there was a line
waiting. Good eats AND comfy atmosphere for herbivore and omnivore alike.)

L’Epicerie Verte, 5 rue Saussier-Leroy tel 0147641968 Paris 17
Mo.Ternes. Open 10.00-20.00. Closed on Sunday.
The Epicerie Verte is famous for its quality and serious products. It’s a boutique but a little corner serves at lunch a lot of bio unconditionnals and woman watching their figure! Tarte courgettes-fenouil, courgettes-potimaron-blettes, gratin de blé-courgettes-oignons, brocolis-courgettes-fenoiul. About 9.50 €.