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10th arrondissement

Chez Michel, 10 rue de Belzunce 0144530620. Closed Sunday, Monday and August
This is probably what is made best in Paris of the Brittany terroir, great cuisine for small prices. First class products, inventivity of the plats in the style of reinterpretation of the classics (regional in fact), generosity of the dishes and tastes, you can go there with your eyes closed and your papilla open. They have a menu-carte for 28 €.

La Vigne Saint-Laurent, 2 rue Saint-Laurent 0142059820. Closed Saturday, Sunday, week of Christmas, and three weeks in August.
Don’t just enter in a brasserie at random, but walk 2 minutes more to have a lunch in this little and very sympathetic half-bar a vins, half bouchon Lyonnais, you have to like that kind of cuisine. The divine bottle and his charcuteries and cheeses (grelots de Savoie, Saint-Marcellin refined a la Lyonnaise, the demi-arome-de-Lyon aux genes de marc, reblochons and camemberts made with heart).
The cuisine du terroir is also ,at its best, savoyarde (gratin de crozets de Beaufort), provencale (daube de boeuf) or south)east (confit de xcanard en cassoulet). You see, for all appetites and served in a warm ambience. Carte for 21.5€. You can also take an assiette for 11,5€ with 2 kinds of charcuterie, a green salad, 2 cheeses and a glass of wine.
Classics: tarte a la tomate et au basilic, feuillete de boudin aux oignons confits, boeuf des mariniers du Rhone, clafoutis aux poires.

11th arrondissement

Les Amognes (Thierry Coué), 243 rue du Faubourg - St.Antoine  0143727305. Closed Sunday and Monday for lunch. Also two weeks in August.
Thierry Coué is an astonishing chef! Not only did he make from his restaurant “Les Amognes” the unavoidable gastronomic rendezvous of the best restaurants in Paris of less than 31€ but he could afford the luxury, this year, TO LOWER HIS PRICES!! It’s now or never to go and sample his living and intelligent cuisine, marrying earth and sea so well, with for instance his soupe aux lentilles or la poelée de Saint-Jacques with a brandade de pommes de terre and as dessert his famous crepe fourrée de compote d’aubergines à la cardamome. Not to miss! I envy those who will go and discover this marvel. Since Eric Frechon disappeared from the famous less than 31€ list, “Les Amognes” can be considered as the best.
Great art! Nice wine selection chosen by Thierry Coue himself. A steal!

Le Repaire de Cartouche, 8 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire 0147002586
Closed Sunday, Monday and from mid-July to mid-August.
Another champion of the cuisine ”canaille-chic”, one of this chefs who know how to create from almost nothing (pork cheeks for instance), an extraordinary masterpiece, tasty and full of savors! This is the s-cuisine I like, generous, square, without any gratuity embellishments or useless artifices. The one which goes to the essential, finally. The cuisine is always based on fresh products coming from excellent producers. Crème d’etrilles a la vanille, filets de rougets poelees, compote d’aubergine, tete de cochon croustillante, clafoutis a la rhubarbe. A la carte 28€.


12th arrondissement

Jean-Pierre-Frelet,  25 rue Montgallet 0143437665. Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday and from mid-July to mid-August.
You really have to know where this godforsaken street is in a not so joyful area of the arrondissement. But it is really a gastronomic oasis. Coquettish décor, even elegant with its wainscoting and the cuisine merits attention. Melange of savours and generosity of the portions. And the chef dares from time to time to be bold in his inventions. A la carte for 29€. Formula lunch for 15.32€ and dinner menu for 21.50€.
The classics: fricassee de petits gris aux morillles—blinis de pommes de terre aux Saint-Jacques, sauce pistachée—minestrone de fruits au basilic.

La Sologne, 164, avenue Daumesnil 0143076897. Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday, 15 days in August and 10 days in February.
Always the same constant quality in this newly refurbished restaurant. Generous and inventive, like the chef learned from his master, Joel Robuchon. Exact cooking times, freshness of the products and refined savours. Menu-carte for 26€.
The classics: clafoutis de homard et sa bisque cremeuse—pastilla de canard confit et son embeurrée de choux—poire pochée aux épices douces et caramélisée au miel.

Les Zygomates, 7 rue de Capri 0140199304. Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday and August.
You want a proof that this restaurant is good? Go and find out end of the week, you’re sitting, or better, pushing elbow to elbow because people come from the four corners of the capital to have a regal. Negative side is that the service can be a little slow. So the best advise is to go on a plain weekday to taste in peace the generous dishes. You will get out, ravished, if you see what I mean. A la carte 31€. Lunch menu for 11.50€ and 20€ (also served for dinner)
The classics: salade de foie gras cru et magret fume—queue de cochon farcie aux morilles—assiette gourmande des Zygomates  

La Table d’Aligre, 11 place d’Aligre tel 0143078488. Open every day, all year. August and Sunday.
Excellent chef that Marc Baudry. On this cute place d’Aligre, crawling with people for the famous market d’Aligre, this chef of great talent received us at noon with an adorable welcoming and service. I started with a terrine d'aile de raie et Soissons en vinaigrette 'herbes, Annie had the petits choux garnis de roquefort, crème Banyuls. I continued with the farcis au gout provencal (delicious !) and Annie passed and waited for dessert. She could have chosen between papillote de rascasse, créme citronnée or estouffade de canard, petits navets glacés, crouton de tapenade. But her appetite is not that big for lunch.. She had créme brulée aux calissons and I took the copeaux très noirs de Tante Colette, glace verveine. My oh my, do I have an appetite! All this for 14€ plus coffee per person. . The evening menu-carte is for 15.50€ and 19€. For lunch we had a choice of 8.50€ for one plat, 13.80€ the lunch formula (wine included)

Le Baron Rouge, 1 rue Théophile Roussel Tél. : 01 43 42 54 65 M° Ledru-Rollin
Tuesday to Saturday noon, Sunday for lunch.
David Gauliard succeeded to keep in the BARON ROUGE, the small café he runs since years, this ambience of popular essence by bringing some freshness inside.  A pleasant, no nonsense bar with wooden floors, that opens out onto the street The people you see standing at the bar in the morning are not random tourists, they are daily customers and know what a good glass of wine is. So if you're looking for something a different from the normal classic bar and you don't mind sipping wine, this old wine cellar could make a very nice change one afternoon. David Gauliard likes to take life slowly, and staying open late is not one of his priorities. More than 30 wines you can order by a glass between 1.50€ and 3.85€. And the wine can have a companion: a good plate of cheese or charcuterie, with delicious bread and a …simple knife. Forget about the fork: unknown in this place! And be prepared to eat standing at the counter or near the wine barrels Its possible to buy wine by the bottle, and on Sundays you can sample a few oysters from the stalls in the street outside. Good mood is standard here but the bell rings at 21.30!! Closing time! A bit early, no?
Cheese platter or charcuterie: 3.83-4.65€, glass of wine 1.50-3.85€

13th arrondissement

L’Avant-Gout, 26 rue Bobillot 0153802400 metro: place d’Italie. Closed Sunday, Monday, a week for Christmas and 3 weeks in August.
Perfect stability for this neo-bistro very successful. Prices don’t change, original cuisine, efficacious and adorable service. The secret of this success: work, always work to find the best products at the best prices and accommodate them all the time differently to please a difficult clientele. Everybody runs around in good mood. It’s communicative.
Formula for lunch: 9.20€  (coffee and wine included!)
Menu-carte for 21€.
Specialities: salad de topinambours et noisettes, rascasse en coquette et ail, tendon de veer, ventricle croustillante et celeri frit, patate douce confite au pain d’epice.

Virgule, 9 rue Veronese 0143370114. Metro: place d’Italie. Closed Sunday evening but open on Sunday for lunch!
This restaurant moved and success came. It is now a high centre of good food  for the gourmets of the area and its reputation has passed the limits of the arrondissement. The cuisine is all airy and the inventivity of the chef is rewarded. Décor is warm and agreeable ( but could still be improved a bit).
Lunch for 9€ and dinner formula for 10€. Menu-carte for 21.50€.
Specialities: Saute de noix de petoncle, escalope de foie de veau au gingembre confit, omelette norvegienne.  

Les Cailloux, 58 rue des Cinq-Diamants, 13th arr, tel 0145801508.
Enormous success for this recently (2000) opened restaurant. Looks like a New York loft but the food is that of an Italian cantina. The cuisine is simple, but the products are of excellent quality. Linguine au tourteau et artichaut, farfalle au confit de poivrons, bar au four, affagato au café.

Au Petit Marguery, on the Boulevard de l'Observatoire, near the Gobelins. Exactly 9,Boulevard de Port Royal 0143315859 Closed Sunday, Monday and August.
Superb country cooking and meticulous attention to the customers. Not much of a wine list, though. Menu-carte 33€. Carte 43€. ( with the gracious collaboration of Ronald Kenyon)

14th arrondissement

La Régalade, 49 avenue Jean Moulin, Paris 14 0145456858 Closed Sunday, Monday and August.
Small magic address where a great chef is at the furnace. A fresh and inspired cuisine. Yves Camdeborde put as much enthusiasm in the elaboration of his recipes and the choice of vegetables as when he comes and greet you at your table after your meal He is originally of the southwest of France, the Basque country. You taste it in his cuisine. Stunning wine list at «  friendly » prices ! A must. Until now, his success didn’t alter a bit the constant quality of this Marvelous address. Reservation minimum 6 days in advance. Tremendous success .
Menu-carte 27€.
Specialties; Poelee de calamars facon piballes, risotto a l’encre, paleron roti de boeuf saignant aux anchois de Collioure, pralinette cremeux glace café.  

Mer de Chine, 159,rue des Chateaux Rentiers tel 0145842249. Open on Sunday, closed Tuesday. 
Now you can go and eat the most astonishing dishes of the Chinese continent. I would say it used to be one of the best Chinese addresses in Paris. I remember, 9 years ago, my first meal was an enchantment (the chef worked at La Tour d'Argent!),
Today, things have changed; always good cuisine, but not like it was. The spark is missing. Let's hope it returns one day. 
Still to recommend is the crab en mue à l'ail fondant, tripes farcies à la crevette, langues de canard sautées, gambas sel et poivres, porc et crevettes au caramel (was not the best we ate!). Menus for 26 (only lunch in the week) and 40 €. 

Les Petites Sorcieres, 12 rue Liancourt 0143219568. Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday. OPEN IN AUGUST.
The “small witches” girls of the chef are big now but the name stayed. The place is charming with a few brooms(!) and other malicious items to create the ambience. But what you get in your plate is all grace and you feel much more in paradise as in hell. The plates full of inventivity will enchant your palate. I understand that the customers are bewitched ;-). Menu-carte 25.25€. Lunch menu for 18.50€.
Specialties: Salade de roquette et artichauts au canard fume, steak de canard roti a la tapenade, gratin de fraises et rhubarbe a la frangipane.

15th arrondissement

L’Os a Moelle , 3 rue Vasco de Gama Paris 15 0145572727 Closed Sunday, Monday and August
With its unique formula of three plats for lunch and 6 for dinner, Thierry Faucher has a lot of success. His restaurant is packed to have the privilege to taste this "cuisine du marche" ( the menu changes every day), always lively, always full of crafts and cunnings. His plats have a little rustic side , since the respect of the product  doesn't allow him to cook them too long. Result: frank melanges of savors and affirmed tastes. Example of menu ( unique menu for 24€ for lunch and 29.90€ for dinner): creme de lentilles aux ailerons de volaille, magret de canard aux epices et chou rouge, pigonneau roti au lard paysan,  truffle glacee au thym frais.
Only negative note: the welcoming and service is not always at the level you could expect with such a delightful food.

"Le Clos des Morillons", 50-rue des Morillons 0148280437 Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday. Open in August!! Metyro: Porte-de-Vanves.
The chef, Philippe Delacourcelle is a shy man but packed with talent and audacity. When you taste his plats you see right away he is an adventurer of taste, mad about spices, but who knows damn well how to handle them. Great art, says Lily. Very successful now, be sure to book in advance. Terrine pressée de pommes de terre et foie gras à la fleur de sel, morue rotie au bois de casse, canette rotie au pain d'épice, fondant de chocolat au jasmin, truffier au chocolat. Menu-carte for 27€. 

Bistro d'Hubert , 41 boulevard Pasteur 01-47-34-15-50.Is not only open on Sunday but also open in August. After a rocket start due to the pleasant decor and the successful formula, this bistro unfortunately lost some of its attraction to me during my last visits. Service was less friendly, the wine not always put in a carafe, and even some accidents in the cuisine! But it stays a good restaurant because when Hubert is in a good day he has the chic to prepare very malicious plats, well done and decorated, very savoury and of an irreproachable quality. But you have to be lucky! ;-). Menu-Carte 30€. We had the pied de porc en crepinette aux pleurotes( I adore the pleurotes), canard et ventreche roulee, pomme rouge et grenaille, cremet de la ferme aux fruits.  

La Dinée, 85 rue Leblanc Paris 15 0145542049
This is great news!  Christophe Chabanel, the very talented chef of this restaurant lowered his prices!! Even better, he converted to the style menu-carte, you know, where you have a choice between several entrees, plats and desserts. He does it like the following: 5 entrees, 5 plats and 5 desserts at choice and changing.....every week! Of course, he stays faithful to his famous motto: "The product is king" like his savoury fricassee d'encornets en persillade, his remarkable carré d'agneau aux pleurotes and his so tasty tendron de veau roti aux petits oignons et carottes caramelisées. I'm drooling when I write this;-) And the desserts are out of this world! Try the macaron café et sa crème pralinée. What a dinner Dominique Dupery did that evening. I knew the place from its earlier, more expensive times, but on my next trip to Paris I'm going to eat there again with the perspective that I'm going to pay this feast only 26€! Without wines of course, let's not be too greedy ;-)

Beurre Noisette, 68 rue Vasco de Gama 15th arr tel 0148568249
Another discovery. Fresh daily market cuisine like the feuilleté de légumes confits, saint-jacques à l’estragon, the madeleine with honey with vanilla cream.

La Folleterie, rue Letellier 0145755595 15th arrondissement.
A young chef who knows how to make good cuisine with simple ingredients, and for inexpensive prices. Success is on its way. Menu-carte for 20€.

l’Agape, 281 rue Lecourbe 0145581929 15th arrondissement.
Mythic restaurant taken over today by an ancient cook of the Bristol hotel. It is a real regal with his terrine d’aubergines, joue de veau en  feuille de chou et cannellonis aux noix. But the cadre is quite sad and needs an urgent lifting. Menu carte for 18.50€.

Le Troquet, 21 rue Francois-Bonvin
4 course degustation  at 24.90€ including a marvelous cream of spinach soup with mascarpone and foie gras, one of the finest spinach soups we have ever had; toasts with tomato and herb concasse topped with merlin cheeks; lamb gigot in herby white beans with ginger demiglaze drizzled over; strawberries marinated very lightly in balsamic vinigar, then served in a cinnamon syrup with creme fraiche (a combination masterstroke, exploding into an entirely new and unanticipated flavor). Informal, like La Regalade. This formula gives the chef an opportunity to offer the best of the market every day. Formidable ratio quality/price. 
( with the gracious collaboration of Margaret and Chuck Pilgrim)

Le Triporteur, 4 rue de Dantzig tel 0145328240. Metro: Convention. 
Saturday , Sunday and three weeks in August. Here is a "restaurant de quartier" mostly visited by the surrounding citizens. Three years ago already, I noticed the good quality for the low price, but now, with the new chef, Stephane Bertin, I had to try it out again. Very excited ambience when I entered,  because everybody knew we were going to have a superb dinner and drink fine little "crus" like Stepahne has the talent to discover. All terestial food, written on a blackboard, is of a remarkable freshness and the accommodation of a bibilcal simplicity. That's what gives them all the taste. We had some ravioli d'escargots à la réglisse, parfait de ris de veau aux herbes, pigeonneau roti au fumet paysan, marquise au chocolat. Carte : 28€. Lunch formulas for 10.75€ and 12.25€. Children menu for 8.49€. 

Le Pére Claude, 51 avenue de la Motte Piquet tel 0147340305. Open all year as well Sunday as August. 
Years ago, I used to go sometimes to the restaurant Père Claude, in the 15th.
A convivial and smiling man, a warm ambience, absolutely reasonable prices. 
I heard that the owner took an assistant. My "tasters" reassured me, the host is still the king of the "rotisserie", but unfortunately only all what's about meat is perfect. The rest is very unreliable. You can eat a carpaccio de boeuf, brochette de legumes roties à la broche et son anchoyade, lapin farci roti entire avec legumes, carré d'agneau en croute de thym, Menus for 40.35 and 57 €. Carte 100 €. 

16th arrondissement

Restaurant L'Astrance, 4 rue Beethoven tel  fax 0140501145. Closed Monday and Tuesday for lunch. NEW
For me this is undeniably the “event and discovery of the year 2001”. Tipped by The Pilgrims of San Francisco, fellow connoisseurs, we visited this extraordinary place, for lunch and had echoes from other friends who dined that same night. A den of fine eating!
Two former chefs of the famous “Arpege” restaurant, Pascal Barbot and Christophe Rohat decided to try their own enterprise and opened 9 months ago. They had success from the day they opened, to tier own big surprise. The reservations book is full, you need least three weeks in advance booking for dinner, two for lunch.
A modern, tasteful but smart fully decorated dining room, metallic grey walls, buff suede banquets. The place is not big: 40 seats, 8-10 of which are on a mezzanine. The welcome is warm and professional, the service is flawlessly perfect
No trace of superficial products, they look and find the right products, cook it to perfection inventing a sensitive and even “sensual” cuisine”. And the great idea to give you between each dish an “amuse bouche “ leaving you the pleasure to guess what it is!!
What did we have? I took two dished a la carte, Annie took the lunch-menu for 29€. She had a tarte croustillante de courgettes, champignons a la grecque, mozarella and tomate confite- then an epaule confite d’agneau, bouquetiere al dente des legumes du jour-and as dessert fruits rouges de saison, amandes fraiches grilles et 3 sorbet fruits differents et fleurs.
She had the grace to part with me her epaule d’agneau, which was the best I’ve ever eaten. No lamb even in Sisteron could and will ever match this one!
I had the delicately seasoned chopped crab sandwiched between ultra-thin slices of avocado. ("ravioli" using thin avocado slices instead of pasta), and flavoured with almond oil, accented with salted almonds, then a barbue à la crème de geranium, tomates confites.
And between all these plates, each time an “amuse bouche” where you have to guess. One was a sort of “consommé de pain grille (toast)” incredibly tasty, looking like a café-au-lait colored soup based on a number of mysterious and wonderful ingredients. Exquisite not to say divine!! Another was a very spicy coconut milk sorbet/ice cream. Finally with the cookies at the coffee, two chilled quail egg shells filled with jasmine egg-yolk along with a surprising ginger-laced and an assortment of buttery cookies!
The wine, an excellent Pyrenean wine (tasted) like a good Bordeaux! came for 18.49€. 
(This restaurant was advised to me by Margaret and Chuck Pilgrim of San Francisco, this review is mine with a few sentences re-used from the Pilgrim's former review)

Le Scheffer, 22 rue Scheffer 0147278111. Closed Sunday, Christmas and New-Year. Open in August!!!
A classic bistro running well and smooth. Nothing is missing in the décor, from the zinc counter to the checkered tablecloths and the old etchings on the wall.
Cuisine wise, no surprises but a good mastered home cooking with generous plats and affirmed tastes. I understand that the local bourgeoisie likes to come here . The sweet prices also attract the people, the youth, and the ambience. Courteous and efficacious service. 26€.

La Butte Chaillot, 112 avenue Kleber tel 0147278888. Closed Saturday for lunch.  NEW!!!
Former associate of Guy Savoy, Alain Pras, opened a new restaurant, "La Butte Chaillot", certainly worth a visit. Special décor with its leather and metal chairs, glass tables, bridge couches, leather on the back wall, exotic wood varnished inlaid floor, and an aquarium where the fish is replaced by........apples.
The staff, orchestrated by the discreet and classy David, is like one of a great house. 
The menu is a festival of colours, yellow like an exploded egg yolk, on a blue tapestry with white spots. Seems crazy but the food is invented by a healthy mind!
The chef, Stéphane, is like an orchestra conductor in front of a harmonious music score. Pras instructed him to serve traditional plats, timed and exact cooking times, and that's what the clients like here. Volaille fermiere rotie a la broche avec branch de thym fumante, pomme purée. Chicken is chicken here and purée is mashed potatoes. Entrecote poelée, fricassee de haricots verts aux tomates cerises, beignets d'aubergines, crusty roasted carré d'agnneau, great dish of young vegetables, filet de bar poelé en croute d'olive, cabillaud vapeur au mesclun. All this comes out near perfection. Try the tarte fine aux pommes, excellent with a lot of …apple, which is rather rare in a lot of places. The surprise came with the strawberries served as a cappuccino or coulant au chocolat amer. 
And consider that the Butte Chaillot is an inexpensive restaurant. For lunch or dinner you have a full menu for 30€. A la carte about 38.49€.


17th arrondissement

Le Cafe d’Angel, 16 rue Brey 0147540333. Metro: Charles de Gaulle. Closed Saturday, Sunday, last week of the year and in August.
This table started as a rocket last year and has now its normal cruise speed. We could fear that the success would affect the chef (which happens much too often, I cite nobody here…..). Not at all here. Even better, the cuisine became more precise, more affirmed, in the neo-bistro register that is now so trendy.
A la carte 28€. Formulas for lunch 11.50 and 13.80€.  Menus 22.50€ (lunch), 26€ in the evening.

Le Troyon, 4 rue Troyon 0140689940. Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday. Metro: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile.
It’s again a highlight to have a dinner here.  And the fact it’s always packed, is well earned. There seems no limit to its creativity in its miniscule kitchen where the chef succeeds to cook for us some dishes, to blast away some starred chefs in this neighbourhood, which has some.
Quality of the products, ambition of the Carte and that inimitable touch which is the mark of the great chefs. Carte-menu for 31€ with, depending on seasons: gelée safranée de raie et truite de mer aux petits légumes, truffade de saumon fin beurre de poires, filet de boeuf à la moutarde violette, gratin de potiron à la canelle, fondue d’escargots en provencale de courgettes au thym, moelleux au chocolat mi-amer, charlotte au café, sauce anglaise. A great place near the Etoile.

18th arrondissement

Le Poulbot Gourmet, 39 rue Lamarck tel 0146068600. 18th arr Open Sunday for lunch (March to September) and open in August! (credit to Mrs.and Mr.Goldwasser)
Mrs. And Mr. Goldwasser did it again! Send me a discovery they read in a leading gourmet magazine and went for it. 
Probably the best bargain in this area. The chef does all he can to realize a fresh cuisine, full of savours. You may have to climb a bit on the butte Montmartre but it is worth it. Think about the great menu carte for 30€ where you can choose between 6 entrées, 9 plats and 8 desserts! One more appetising as the other. One big problem!! What to choose?? David (Goldwasser) had an idea. Why not come back a second time to taste other dishes? Anyway, they had a regal with compote de lapin en gelée de fines herbes sur lentilles, marmite de poissons et coquillages dieppoises sauce bouillabaisse, baba au rhum glace antillaise. They nearly choose the appetizing tournedos de saumon sauvage aux champignons des bois. NEW !!

Le Bouclard, 1 rue Cavalotti tel 0145226001 Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday. Open in August!
You have to look well to find this restaurant just behind the cimetiere Montmartre. The environment is rather “deadly” ;-) but once you’re in the restaurant you will forget all about it.  It seems the motion pictures people like to come here. However, what you will have in your dish is nor a fiction but reality, and very good reality!
A la carte 31€.

L’Etrier, 154 rue Lamarck tel 0142291401 Closed Sunday, Monday and August.
This place looks so lonely in this part of the 18th arrondissement. Very gay waiter, local crowd, fabulous food in a small dining room but very well decorated by the two young owners. The inventive cuisine has everything to please, which becomes a common knowledge in the area. The plats are prepared with love based on fresh products which make this place very sympathetic. Fondant of carrots and pumpkin served with lumps of crab and "quenelles" of guacamole; mussel risotto with curry and tiny minced vegetables; a cassoulette of white fish and langoustine with vegetables and herbs with a silky cream finish; lamb, herb and foie gras wrapped and sauteed "crunchy", then served in a demi glace scented broth with carved vegetables; fruit soup of strawberries, blood oranges and kiwi. "Washed down" with a burgundy superior.
Menu-carte 24.50€. Lunch formula 11 and 12.50€.
(With the precious collaboration of Margaret and Chuck Pilgrim)

For traditional cuisine in a dining room decorated with old posters, pictures, postcards, classics only one and only address :

La Pomponette rue Lepic no.42 and higher up in the rue Lepic at no.61 the Virage Lepic. Closed Sun. evening and Mon, and Aug.
An old-fashioned Montmartre bistro straight out of a Toulouse-Lautrec sketch. Here you can meet the original, genuine, exuberant atmosphere of Montmartre. Inexpensive, simple and good with a great choice of regional wines.  Food is good, atmosphere fun and the memorabilia on the walls a hoot.  Inexpensive.

19th arrondissement

La Cave Gourmande, 10 rue du General-Brunet   0140400330 19th arrondissement.
One of the best chefs in Paris moved out of here (Eric Frechon) and went to the Bristol hotel. He left the place to his second in charge. The formula changed: bar a vins, table d'hotes, unique menu for 24.50€.

Aux Relais des Buttes, 86 rue Compans tel 0142082470 Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday and 3 weeks in August
Everything is in favour for the charm of this small, rustic and countryside like place: the location next to the buttes Chaumont, the small dining room with the open fire in the winter, the garden courtyard where you fight for a table in the summer. Without forgetting the quality of the cuisine that is visited from all over Paris. It is like an image of the place: serious and of quality.
Menu for 28€. Carte 43€.

20th arrondissement

Le Zephir, 1 rue Jourdain tel 0146366581 Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday, Christmas holiday and August.
A nice décor certainly dating from the Maurice Chevalier era, a tremendous ambience thanks to area youth and from all over Paris, who like to come at night for a cuisine who traces its road between classicism and modernity, tradition and mixing savours and genres with success. The food is guarantee robust for all tastes. Carte 200 FF. Menu for lunch 10.75€. Other menu for 23.99€.

Les Allobroges, 71 rue des Grands-Champs  Paris 20 tel 0143734000 Closed Sunday, Monday, Easter and August.
The modern cadre, in blond wood, is an invitation to come and dine in this restaurant lost in the middle of the most sinister streets of the 20 th. But those who enter this place will be rewarded because the chef has a lot of talent to sell. His cuisine is a model of precision, resulting of a faultless technique, which doesn't exclude generosity, no, no! The service is gentle but a bit too bossy by the Mme owner’s wife ;-)
Tomates confites, puree d'olives vertes, brandade de haddock au basilic, pain perdu et glace au fromage blanc. The menu is for 27€. Lunch formula for 14.95€. Reservation is imperative.

Chez Jean, 38 rue Boyer tel 0147974458 Paris 20th arr metro: Gambetta or Menilmontant (credit to J.Lefèvre) NEW!!
Mr. Lefèvre, a newcomer went to have dinner here and was delighted. As well as the quality as the price. A steal. A menu-carte for 21€, full of generosity, ideal for all the residents of this area known as Menilmuche but also for other Parisians who have the nose to discover such places. The old counter and its patina give the impression this houses exists since 1000 years! What did he have: Salade d'écrevisses aux agrumes, rouelle de porc au citron confit, truffade de chocolat. Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday.