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   Restaurant prices may have increased 20 % since 2000.

1st arrondissement

Café Faubourg”, rue Boissy-d’Anglas 15 1st arrondissement 0144941414.Open every day.
All new, all beautiful, this is the last born of the Sofitel.
The mentor of this café Faubourg is Alain Dutournier, who has 2 Michelin stars with his “Carré des Feuillants”. With a garden on one side, a parlour-library on the other, the dining room is a haven of tranquillity. No tablecloths on the tables but a glass cover through which you can see Chinese proverbs. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the cuisine of the chef Fabrice Dubos is excellent. But let’s be clear. Café Faubourg is neither a gastronomic nor a brasserie. Juts an agreeable place where you can have a good dinner and have nice encounters. Prices are sweet, the most expensive costs 20 Eur, desserts 8.50 Eur and there is even a champagne Pol Roger for 45 Eur. Excellent efforts for the wine menu also: Chateau Charbonnieux blanc 1996 for 40 Eur, a Pessac-Leognan Graves Chateau Lagrange rouge for 28 Eur. The cuisine is serious, modern tradition without show or spectacle. You feel that happy cooks prepare the dishes…. Just forget the enormous brown wart in Napoleon III style that stands in the way in the centre of the second dining room. Get rid of it!
For the moment the success is undeniable, the maitre D are adorable as well as the room manager and his wife. With a smile. Let’s hope this continues and that success will not spoil all this. As well for the celebrities as for you and me, the tourists.

Restaurant Jules, 62 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau tel 0140289904 Closed Saturday, Sunday and August. Metro Les Halles.                                                                 NEW
This is a new discovery with a nice décor, smiling reception, all is done to give you the best. The foie gras maison is a delight! The dining room at the first floor has a lot of portraits with famous "Jules": Jules Cesar, Jules Verne, .... A delicious tartelette aux crabes, terrine de jarret de porc et foie gras, cocotte de bar aux langoustes, ballon de cassis caramélisé, mousse de dates aux épices. All this for 28 Eur without the wine (review sent by Gerard Fisher, maitre D of the restaurant Den Weingaert in Antwerp)

La Robe et le Palais, 13 rue des Lavandières Sainte-Opportune, tel 0145080741. Closed Sunday, open in August. URL is  
Thursday, 28th of December 2000. I'm taking my son in law for a classic Paris tour, since he is been often in Paris, but never really visited. And if your father in law is Jack travel, why not follow him for a day? I wanted to share the renewed (I have been there before already twice) lunch experience I had at the "Robe et le Palais in a street just behind the Theatre du Chatelet. It was my son in law's first visit and he was delighted. To tell you the truth, after 1 hour 20 min he didn't want to leave, so cozy and agreeable he found the ambience. This third visit only confirmed all the good I think of this establishment.  The chef worked at Lamelloise and Carré des Feuillants. Besides the delicious plats (formula entrée and plat 12 Eur , entrée, plat and dessert 15.25 Eur ) wine and coffee are not included, the wines are very carefully picked by this chef connoisseur, and even the house wine we had (you pay how much you drink), was excellent. The carte proposes more than 200 different wines. Cuisine is a subtle art here, made to combine their flavor with the different wines.
Just don't be too much in a hurry, and you will have a great lunch experience. 
Some specialties : terrine de sandre et volaille, tatin de ris d'agneau, selle d'agneau rôti à l'ail doux, cassolette d'avocat au chévre chaud-fricassée de Saint-Jacques au piment d'Espagne, tarte chaude au chocolat. A carte-menu for dinner for 32 Eur. 

Poquelin, 17 rue Moliére tel 0142962219 1st arr Closed Sat for lunch, Sunday and August NEW UPDATE
Off course, Moliere is honoured at this place: the heavy, red curtains remind of the nearby Comedie Française, a subtle mirror effects divide the dining room in many, exploded scenes, the back of the chairs have an M-form. The wall is full with pictures of the greatest Moliere actors. The boss is Auvergnat and is very careful about the freshness and quantity of his products. But the menu is alluring, stable and serious, Staff is attentive and smiling, original plats. Salade de langoustines et beignets, filets de perches croquants aux amandes, profiteroles maison. Menu for 31 Eur. 

2nd arrondissement

Café Runtz, 16 rue Favart tel 0142966986. Closed Saturday, Sunday and three weeks in August. Metro: Richelieu-Drouot.  NEW 
I entered this place first in 1998, and revisited it in 2000. Charles Lipkin sent me recently a review of his visit and the following can be interpreted as a mixture of both our opinions:
To animate this sympathetic Alsatian place, the chef multiplies his gastronomical activities: jambonneau grille on Monday, andouillette on Tuesday, beer dish on Wednesday…and this goes on the whole week. Probably the best Alsatian restaurant of the capital. The welcome is really very warm and the décor, half-brasserie, half-winstub is very agreeable. You can eat preskopf, a jambonneau like in Strasbourg, a baeckeofe, poulet au Riesling, tarte aux quetsches or a foret noire. Count 31 Eur. (review by Charles Lipkin and myself)

L’Ange Vin, 168 rue Montmartre 0142362020. Closed Sunday, Monday and August.
This wine bar with its painted walls may look a little cold, the service sometimes a little dilettante, the wine carte forgetting the Bordeaux(what a shame) but all this put apart the cuisine is excellent and for that reason I put it in my favorite in this arrondissement. There is a “real” chef in the kitchen, who knows his job, creates solid, generous and savory plats.Menu for 23 Eur. A la carte 31 Eur . Specialties: fricassee de ris de veau et homard en tulipe, parfume a la menthe fraiche, aubergines confites au vin rouge et feuille de laurier, quenelle de crème montee aux cinq epices.

3rd arrondissement

Restaurant Au Bascou, 38 rue Réaumur tel 0142726925. Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday, Monday for lunch and August. Metro: Art et Métiers.         NEW
A basco béarnaise cuisine, which will be served by excellent wines, since the chef is a great connoisseur and amateur of the divine grape. A warm and convivial place, blushing with colours, a comfortable dining room, authentic. And what an enthusiasm to prepare you excellent dishes! You feel impregnated by a sweet laziness, ready to let yourself go in the hands of all this savoir-faire. Morue pil-pil, chipirons sautés, thon à la Biscaye, tourtière à l'armagnac, boeuf braise aux anchois, and the all classic, ever well served parfait glace au touron, in the dessert menu since many years. Carte 28 Eur.

L’Orangeraie, 5 rue des Arquebusiers 0140291400 
Sunny cuisine of Thierry Bourdonnais. Excellent gaspacho de rougets de roche, saint-pierre roti en petit bouillon de supions aux senteurs de Provence and peche rotie au caramel de cassis. Styled service. Luxury for a reasonable price. Remarkable menu for 20 Eur, carte will be about 46 Eur.

4th arrondissement

Le Petit Picard, 42 rue Ste Croix de la Bretonnierie ,the best inexpensive in the area for me. Right in the heart of the Marais. My favourite for lunch
Excellent menu at lunch for 11 Euros. A choice of 7 entrees, 5 main dishes , 5 desserts and wine included! Food is excellent, well prepared, tasty and juicy. Of course this kind of place is very popular around here, quickly full and packed, so best come early. (around 12.15-12.30 is limit) or later ( around  1.30 PM )They don’t accept after 1.45 (or rarely)

Le Temps des Cerises, rue de la Cerisaie 31, 0142720863
The popular resto with excellence, as they don't make them anymore, I mean authentic and generous. A great family place Only open for lunch. . . One of my readers (MHS) had terrine, chicken leg with tarragon sauce, hericot vert, and frites, followed by crème caramel, café and Schweppes all for 17 Eur.
It is advisable to come early. Menu 10.50 Eur.

5th arrondissement

Chantairelle, 17 rue Laplace 0146331859
Closed Saturday for lunch ,Sunday and the first half of August.
A restaurant run by a true and genuine Auvergnat who defends the products of his region. We are very, very far from Paris here. Everything comes from the Auvergne, straight and without detour, except the meat and ice creams. Rustic specialties to warm your heart: ”chou farci ”Yssingeaux” a l’ancienne (13 Eur), strongly recommended to the amateurs, potee de la Haute-Loire for 13.75 Eur  (jambonneau, poitrine salee, saucisse, petit sale, choux, navets, haricots blancs, moelle…) For the vegetarians the gratin forezien for 10 Eur, a dish without meat (fromage, lentilles, pommes de terre). Regional entrees to share (assiette de charcuteries for 7.50 Eur), the same for the remarkable assiette de fromage du pays for 6 Euros (fourme d’Ambert artisanale, salers, Saint-Nectaire fermier, bleu d’Auvergne). Background sound of birds and frog croaking. Nice and relaxing garden-terrace (think about reservations!) Menus for lunch (except Sunday and festive days) for 12.25 and 16 Eur (entrée, plat, dessert, wine and coffee included). A la carte about 25 Eur.

Fogon Saint-Julien , 10 rue Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre 0143543133
Closed Sunday and August.
Maybe the best Spanish restaurant in Paris, but surely the most authentic: magnificent products (charcuteries), excellent fresh and varied tapas, and stunning paellas ordered in advance. All this has nevertheless a shadow side: a service which sleeps sometimes  and above all some occasional irregularities in the cuisine. But in the good days ( and they are in majority) it is superb. Just let’s hope it will be you lucky day.
A la carte 31 Eur. Menus for 25 and 28 Eur.
Specialties: Chipiriones en sa tinta (small squid), arroy de la huerta (rice with vegetables), fiduega (safran, pasta, calamars, shrimps), carpaccio d’ananas.

Restaurant Toutoune, 5 rue de Pontoise 0143265681  
Closed Monday for lunch. Open Sunday. Open in August!
The chef changed lately but they still have the same formula they have since years. Colette Dejean practically invented the menu-carte. Also the trend to dress up a restaurant in provencal colors, and to practice the “cuisine du soleil” was invented here. Subtle balance with southern herbs. The comfort of the dining room, the attentive service crowns this success.
Menu-carte 29 Eur (+ 0.25 Eur on weekends)
Specialties: Terrine de lapin a la gelee de sarriette, galinette en bourride, legumes croquants, craquant de fruits frais , crème legere a l’anis.  

Restaurant Amadeo, 19 rue François-Mirron tel 0148870102 Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday and three weeks in August. Metro Hotel-de-Ville
In 1998 a new chef took over and served a wonderful menu for 26 Eur. A charming restaurant even if it was decorated simply but decorated and dedicated to the great composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A friendly service. The chef changed in 2000, added 4.50 Eur to the price but the cuisine says inventive. It didn't lose anything from the change. Tarte tatin aux pommes et boudin noir, raviolis de champignons au foie gras, chapon poché au lait fumé, purée de pommes de terre aux olives noires, mille feuille de fruits secs, sorbet a la carotte et aux dattes. This in a menu-carte for 30 Eur.

Le Petit Navire, 14 rue Fossés Saint-Bernard tel 0143542252 5th arr Closed Sunday, Monday and August.
Anchored in the gentle repertoire of sea fish and sea-food, it has a super devoted clientele, coming since years to this touching auberge neo-provencale, fish soup, grilled sardines, bourride de lotte and mousses au chocolat. Students know the place well, since it is quite inexpensive: Menus for 23 Eur. A classic. 

Les Fous d'en Face, 3 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, tel 0148870375. Never closed, open all year, also Sunday and in August. Metro : hotel de ville
I had my idea about this place I never really considered as a full-scale restaurant but more as a wine bar, but Tom Berenfeld told me otherwise. I trust his judgment and here is her review:
"This place is a haven since many, many years for area customers, and all who make the trip, to eat there, (like some American tour guide I know), The ambience is convivial, the cuisine is pretenseless but well done, for reasonable prices and this is the key to success. And the wine is here at home, connoisseurs are plenty. A relax address. Carte 28 Eur.

Marty,  20 Avenue des Gobelins tel 0143313951(an address graciously provided by David Gascon) Open Sunday and August.
An elegant establishment in the style "des annees trente" it's divided into two levels, the restaurant specializing in seafood on the ground floor and the braserie au premier etage. I had a superb lunch on a Sunday at the brasserie. It was full of retired bourgeois couples who know where the good food is! Menu: 31 Eur.

Les Bookinistes, 53 quai des Grands-Augustins 
About 50 Eur per person including a rather expensive wine and of course  several bottles of Badoit and coffees. Polished food and service. Fabulous bar tartare with bean sprouts, watercress and intense orange vinaigrette; marvellous langoustine tempura served with a sparkling gaspacho; jarret of veal in a casserole with carved vegetables and a gravy that made you cry; faux fillet with incredible sauce (Chuck liked it so much that I didn't even get a taste.) Chocolate macaroon with nougat ice cream and caramel sauce. More commercial than the places we are used to going, but the food was really, really good, and service was impeccable. Many "well-behaved" Americans. ( with the precious collaboration of Margaret and Chuck Pilgrim). Menu lunch 19 Eur. 23 Eur - Menu végétarien 18.75 Euros -Carte-menu dimanche soir 25 E - A la Carte env. 38 E

6th arrondissement

L'Epi Dupin, 11, rue Dupin, Paris 6, 0142226456. Closed Saturday, Sunday and 3 weeks in August.    DEGRADED AND IS NOT RECOMMENDABLE ANY MORE
Ransom of success. If this restaurant still merits figuring in my list and his chef in the upper category, there is undoubtedly a degrading tendency. I had complaints about the place. And now I have even a bigger complaint about rudeness and turning away American customers that had a long time reservation. Rudeness is inacceptable, therefore I don’t recommend this place anymore. If you still go, don’t blame me ! ;-);-) The dining room became a hell, unbearable! You are squeezed like sardines, it’s very noisy, and you get out bushed. Where is the pleasure?  If the dish is the most important, ok. But the rest must not be neglected. Beware, François Pasteau, you disappear from Jack’s guide. Menu carte 30 Eur.

La Bastide Odéon, 7 rue Corneille, Paris 6th arr. 0143260365 Closed Sunday, Monday, Christmas and August.
Former pupil of Maximin, the pope of cuisine in Nice (he was the chef of the Chantecler, restaurant of the Negresco Hotel), Ajuelos explores the sunny cuisine of Provence in all directions. Always looking for new recipes, he guarantees surprises, even in a "millefeuilles aux aubergines". Certain of my friends reproach the too pronounced savors of this cuisine, but you must be the judge. It’s the Provence camping in the heart of Paris. One little negative side is the waiting between dishes, ransom of success. Menu-carte 29 Eur. Formula for lunch and dinner  23 Eur.

Café des Délices, 87 rue d'Assas tel 0143547000 6th arr
The Café des Délices was advised by friends and a guide I trust. So we decided to have lunch there . We were enchanted. After a smiling and adorable reception we were seated in a dining room with big mirrors, clear walls and wooden furniture. The cuisine was excellent. The cook is a master when he can juggle with spices, a brilliant cuisine, savorous, with interesting combinations, amusing. We had the Crumble with shrimps, olives and coriander, curry d'agneau chutney de mangue, tagine de fruits du moment aux epices douces, clafoutis aux pruneaux. We paid 54 Euros for both.

Restaurant L'Equitable, 1 rue des Fossés Saint-Marcel tel 0143316920. Closed Sunday evening, Monday and 15 days in August. Metro: Saint-Marcel or Censier-Daubenton. NEW and HIGHLY TO RECOMMEND!!
One of the great discoveries of this century. It is like a countryside-perfumed auberge, with apparent beams and all sorts of pillars. Let's not be too critic about the décor. After all, it's what in your dish that counts. The chef, ex Jules Verne, knows how to fix and accommodate his plats, original, refreshing and mastered. The portions are generous in quantity and savours. The service is a little bit nervous, which is not so provincial. Marbré de jarret de veau et foie gras sur lit de lentilles, rable de lapin farci à la figue et au romarin, souris d'agneau braisé dans son jus, filet de canard au caramel épicé, mousse de cacahuétes à la nougatine de sésame, plaisir de chocolat noir et pomme verte à la cannelle.
Menu-carte for 26 Eur!! A steal!

La Méditerrannée, place de l'Odeon tel 0143260230. 6th arr. Open on Sunday, open in August. NEW UPDATE
This large and luminous boat, anchored in front of the Theatre de l'Odeon, took his cruise speed since a while, thanks to the caring and attentive cuisine of Marc Richard. Fame took its toll and soon the boat was sinking. It became a genuine tourist trap! A shame!
But finally a new cook, Stephane Trouillard, was attracted. He renovated the fish carte and now you can taste a perfumed gelée de crustacés en bouillabaisse, delicious chipirons poelés aux herbes, a perfectly grilled daurade royale, anchois frais marinés au pistou, cabillaud roti au chorizo, pomme rotie à la réglisse et crème glacée au miel. The dining room was also divinely restored with its superb frescoes. Only these ones are worth the visit! It's a new place now, absolutely to try once. Menu for 28 Eur. Brief formula for 23 Eur. Carte 46 Eur. 

La Table d'Hélene, 4 rue d'Assas tel 0142220011 Closed Saturday lunch and Sunday. 
A female chef, cooking at the highest level, the best of her generation. Well concentrated on the South west cuisine she is on her way to get some Michelin stars. Go and taste her delicious plats, generous and tasty. Carte 27 Eur. 

7th arrondissement

Le Clos des Gourmets, 16 avenue Rapp 7th arr 0145517561
Excellent experience, especially if you consider the price we paid for an inventive and fresh cuisine. I can tell, my digestion is very sensitive (I guess old age) and I can tell next morning of food was fresh or defrosted. And this one was superb.
Located in a bourgeois area of the 7th arr., the cadre may seem a little stiff, but it's only an impression. Any away, you forget all this when you start the dinner, which is a menu-carte of  29 Eur with several choices of entrée, plat and dessert. A subtle carpaccio de daurade, a salade de Saint-Jacques (their trade mark), an excellent caneton sauvage, cooked at perfection, saint-pierre roti à l'ail doux, fondant de souris d'agneau au caramel d'épices, la poire farcie au chocolat, croustillant tiéde de banane caramélisée. It is obvious that this chef was a pupil of the great ones (Guy Savoy and Eric Frechon)
A discovery. 

La Boule d’Or, 13, boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg 0147055018 .Open every day, the whole year. Also in August.
A pretty decor, flowers, a stylish service, a wonderful directing: these attributes are no longer reserved for the luxury restaurants only. The more that here your plates are full and copious, full of finesse (the chef comes from the Vivarois). The congressmen of the Assemblee nationale come here all the time. They have good taste.
Menu-carte 27 Eur.

L’Affriole, 17 rue Malar 0147055018. Closed Saturday noon and Sunday.
L'Affriolé was for a long time the gastronomic rendez vous for the amateurs of grand tables at small prices thanks to the talent of Alain Attibard. I just received a message from mr. Klein, a friend mine who lives in Paris and whose judgment I trust totally, that Alain Attibard left the restaurant and gave over his furnaces to a certain Thierry Verola, who, as it seems, shows himself as a dignified successor with his plats high in taste and nicely presented. Too many chefs neglect that not to admire Thierry's effort! You taste with the eyes before savoring very tasty piquillos stuffed with beef tail, followed by a fondant and powerful gateau d'agneau aux aubergines. A whole program! And to end this feast the gaufre tiede et sa cremeuse glace aux pistaches is a MUST. The deco-ambience is a little kitsch but the service is efficacious and friendly. Just a pity that the tables are so close each one to another. Menu-carte 28 Eur.

Les Olivades, 41 avenue de Segur 0147837009 Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday BUT OPEN IN AUGUST (usually but it was not in 1999!)
Flora, native from Avignon, cultivates her southern roots with a lot of skill. I can just regret that she shows her talent only in one and only register: the provencal one. I’d like the see her play other scales. Bet let(s not spoil our pleasure which is great! Her menu for 28 Eur with an admirable soupe aux favouilles (curry-combs) and poisson des Calanques, delicates ravioles de chevre au pistou, moves you to the Midi, as well as her Saint-Jacques poeles comme en Provence, or the filet de daurade roti sur fenouil confit. A wine carte off beaten path. Follow Flora’s advises. Menu degustation for 40 Eur. Lunch formula for 18 Eur.

Le Petit Troquet, 28 rue de l'Exposition tel 0147508039
Americans love this place, I know. They have the impression to be in an old Paris monument (old adds on the wall, nice counter in zinc). Good dishes on the Carte menu. For non trained palates it seems to be high gastronomy. But is is well done and good, that’s all what is needed in Paris. The menu carte is now 27 Eur.

 Cafe Varenne, corner rues du Bac and rue de Varenne. 
It seems it’s an address NOT to give to foreigners. But Parisians can be such egoists;-). I give it anyway.
The café doesn’t look special at all –common pavements on the floor, imitation leather benches, no decoration, nothing—but….but when the plates arrive, you understand why it’s always packed.
Mozzarella is from Buffala, the tartare is from Tartare, the French (Belgian) fries are hand cut, not out of any deepfreeze device, thick and crispy. Everybody talks with everybody, politely, with conviviality, you laugh, have fun and you eat simple but fresh and delicious food. The place is just next to the residence of Prime Minister Jospin, visible since two “gendarmes “ are guarding the place. And if you know a bit the political and artistic world of Paris, you could ask, who DOES NOT come here? Jospin’s counsellors, actresses so famous and known that it would be dangerous to mention them in this post, movie directors, counts and old French nobility and even people like you and me. They are the important: the anonymous. On Thursday it’s open very late. Tablecloths are taken out of the cupboard and the chef offers his “house made jams”. Please don’t tell them, if ever you want to go and have a bite there, that I wrote this article (or better that Georges pointed me to the place), I would be “persona non grata” ;-);)-)

Le Florimond, 19 avenue de La Motte-Piquet tel 0145554038
Metro: Ecole-Militaire.
One of the forgotten jewels the 7th arrondissement 
It was quite some time since I dined at Florimond (twice) and other friends confirmed, one was not satisfied. (at all, but these things happen)
Anyway, it's a typical "restaurant de quartier". Prices are not in my standard of what I call cheap (remember I like the about 30-32 € range).
The chef makes classic plats with a touch of inventivity, all with good, tasty and fresh products. Prices went up to 33.50 € à la carte, lunch for 18 € and another menu for 27 €. Closed on Saturday lunch, Sunday and three weeks in August. Specialties are: raviolis de homard, croustillant de chévre chaud, dorade au four and mille-feuilles à la vanille.

Bistrot de Breteuil, 3 place de Breteuil, 0145670727 
another evening, another experience. Completely different from the Clos des Gourmets, but in the same neighbourhood. What is extraordinary in this place is the absolute unbeatable price of the menu. Which menu carte unique offers: a Kir aperitif, entrée, plat, dessert, wine and coffee included for 28.50 Eur !!!!! It is not a high flyer like the recommendations on my personal list, but it towers above all comparable places. And let's not forget that the area, 7th arr, is a wealthy sector and people don't play around with fake cuisine. They want quality. 
Personally we had (last week of December 2000), a very good, acceptable and agreeable meal and evening. Located on a very pretty square, looking straight ahead on the dome des Invalides, this place became so popular that a at least 10 days advance reservation is required. 
Classic in the menu-carte: feuilleté d'asperges, carré d'agneau, bar roti, rognons de veau aux champignons, pruneaux a l'armagnac, and nougat glace.

Nabuchodonosor, 6 avenue Bosquet, 0145569726, just over the Alma bridge.
The place has a lot of charm, a nice décor and very good and pleasant staff.  The food was fresh, well done and had that little touch of inventiveness we are always looking for. Nice touches of modernity in the savours. Big portions, maybe a little too big. The raviolis de homard, magret de canard aux figues, filet de rouget au pesto, poelee de gambas a la provencale, crème de chocolat amer and soufflé chaud au Grand Marnier, a good bottle of Chateau de Rochemorin (Graves-Pessac-Leognan) made it a wonderful evening. Count about 34 Eur with dessert plus the wine.

8th arrondissement

Le Bistrot de l’Olivier, 13 rue Quentin-Bauchart 0147201700. Closed Saturday noon, Sunday and August.
Do I have to make a confession? This restaurant should be since a long time in my recommended list and I just added it! This is really the best table of the area at low price. A sunny, tasty and authentic  puts balm in your heart and was needed in that desert of gastronomy that are the Champs Elysees. Bravo!
Menu-carte: 29 Eur. Lunch for 20 Eur.
Specialties: Tartare de thon a l’huile de maussane, gratin de brandade de morue sauce bouride, chaussion de daube d’agneau, tarte fondante au chocolat noir.

Le Boucoleon, 10 rue de Constantinople 0142937333 Closed Saturday, Sunday and 3 weeks in August. 
The cuisine follows the daily market with chef coming from very big houses, cuisine is neat and well prepared with a good reception. A pity the cadre is not very attractive. Carte for 28 Eur.

Le Rocher Gourmand, 89 rue du Rocher 0140080036 Closes Saturday for Lunch, Sunday and 15 days in August.
The second good surprise of the neighborhood. This time we are far from the lights of the Champs, we are even in a street without soul. A pity, cause this little house deserved a better environment. Let’s say it straight: if this chef continues how he does now, if he gains-s confidence  and loses nothing of the ardor of which he is animated, he will be soon at the hit-parade of the chefs  of the best tables below 31 Euro.
Menu-carte  27 Eur.  

Café Terminus, 108 rue Saint-Lazare 0140084444. Open Sunday and August.
You would be wrong to bypass this brasserie of the hotel Concorde of the gare Saint-Lazare. Nice lighted dining-room, courteous and efficacious service, good table setting, it’s a lot already. And the more there is a good chef at the furnace ,and a good deal with the menu-carte all included with aperitif (coupe de champagne au vin). So don’t wait to take the train and to taste some!
Menu-carte 30 Eur (wine incl)

9th arrondissement

Casa Olympe, 48 rue Saint-Georges 0142852601.Closed Saturday, Sunday, August and 10 days at Christmas.
Faithful to her spot, the Olympe shines at the gastronomic firmament of this arrondissement! She has always that genial trick that makes an apparent  simple cuisine into elaborate plats, especially on the savory side. The Sienna décor, gilded friezes, richly framed paintings. A pity the pace is so tiny and you are always packed and that the menu-carte has the nasty habit to multiply the supplements. Average €30.49. 

I Golosi, 6 rue de la Grange-Bateliere 0148241863
Closed Saturday evening, Sunday and August.
Despite an unhappy experience this year, I still believe this is one of the best Italians of Paris, especially the most original. It’s inventive, savory and subtle.
Here Italy sings to you through a series of stunning dishes. Risotto aux orties ou grenouilles, risotto aux truffes blanches (in season), pasta fraiches a la tomate sautees aux coeurs d’artichauts poivrade et sauce tomate, small “gnocchi” de pommes de terre au ragout de canard and the panna cotta could be one of the day specials (the carte changes every week). To go with it the best of the transalpine vineyards is proposed on a very well conceived carte de vins. The décor is pure Venetian design. Count about 31€.

Les Comediens, 1 rue de la Trinite 0140829595 9th arrondissement  
A copy of the best American design restaurant. But the cuisine is French and of great quality: mariniere de praires, bar de chalut a la peau, clafoutis de poires. Nice work! Carte for 35€.