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Exotic food in Paris, it's worth a try. Here is an experience that one of my friends, Ph.Sego from Boston, had last week in Paris. 
He stumbled across an Iraqi restaurant,
L'Aigre-Doux, 59 Rue des Gravilliers in the 3rd Arrondissement (near Arts et Metiers Metro). Wanting to get away from rich French food but also wanting something they would never be able to eat at home, they took a chance. 
Ph. claims he had some of the best food of their visit.
The set menu consisted of a choice of any 5 cold appetizers from a table of about 8 or 9 choices, including a lemony hummus, smoked fish, an extraordinary marinated haricots verts, a 'Syrian-style' white cheese, olives. The bread was a fresh tasty scallion roll, red cabbage, and other tasty tidbits.
For the main courses, he chose a roast lamb with couscous, which was
absolutely delicious. His wife chose the Delice des Baghdad, an extraordinary dish of eggplant/chicken/cheese en croute. The two dinners, and bottle of wine ran 34.5 . The service was excellent, and the waiter's patience with their terrible French was appreciated -- it seemed that their French was better than his English.
Although this charming restaurant remained fairly quiet during their visit (4 or the 6 tables were occupied), Ph.'s guess is that as word spreads, this place will become more popular.

Reproduction of Ph. Sego's mail to me was granted and the recommendation for this place will appear in a few days in my recommmendations for exotic resturants on my web site.