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Paris-My kind of cuisine in the year 2004 updated sept 2005

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I'm an amateur of good cuisine, mostly the gastronomic, inventive and original combinations that are to find nowadays with young new chefs who haven’t fired their prices to frightening heights. It’s not very difficult to eat at the top for 150 Euros to 230 Euros in Paris or France.
 What is difficult and takes time is to find the SAME cuisine for 35 Euros!!

I updated my list of places). It took time since I'm not the only one who tried them out, I'm not Superman or super-eater ;-) My wife, Mr. and Mrs.Arthur Goldwasser, and Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Chen collected all their impressions of the a lot of places during the last six months and gave me the permission to include them and raise the quality of my recommendations. Also, a few new connoisseurs like J.Blum and Charles Lipkin write me regularly.

 I know these people since a long time and I trust their judgment. We like the same cuisine.  Can I remind you that your opinions and experiences are welcome anytime.
One thing is for sure: the Paris cuisine moves! New good chefs appeared, others disappeared.  Let's resume: I changed my famous secret list of restaurants less than 35 Euros. Not all of course but a few degraded, others upgraded. A large number of chefs finally understood the reason of the crisis they were going through. The habit they had to make the customer pay their undeniable talents by "un coup de fusil" (gunshot in your budget!) like the French expression says, is completely outdated. Most of them returned to more reasonable prices, or opened annexes with inexpensive plats, supervised by them selves or their head cooks. Having a beautiful restaurant, a great name resting on years of celebrity, a superb staff, service and efficiency helps but not enough any more. People want them to be cheap, refined and imaginative.

A restaurant needs a REAL chef at its furnaces, and not some industrial organization, assembling different ingredients on your plate. They were able to fool the customer ten years ago, but it's over now. In out perturbed times of mad cow disease, genetic transformed products, all kind of catastrophe scenarios about goat, mutton, poultry diseases, pesticide chemically treated vegetables, infected fish full of lead and other thrash, it is more than necessary to have a total confidence in the craftsman, which is a cuisinier, the chef, who knows his producers, farmers, and knows how to accommodate them for our greatest pleasure.

IMHO, the three indispensable components for a good meal are, a tasteful, refined and good, a friendly and professional service, and a nice décor. In that order. It may seem evident to you all, dear friends, but I insist on this deontology.
So here are some restaurants unknown to the tourist world, super relation quality-price with full menu or even ordering a la carte and a refined and gastronomic treat, some addresses of places below 35 € at the quality of the "great" 2 and 3 star restaurants like Lasserre, Taillevent , Tour d'Argent, Taillevent and others. As I don't want these places overcrowded by tourists (they are unknown to tourists....for the moment) I would ask you to keep for you and not spread them around. Prices might go up  :-). A real treasure to be kept in your safe. Don’t forget that in full season, you need at least 2 week in advance reservation.

Le Clos Saint-Honoré, 3 rue Sainte-Hyacinthe tel 0140150936 1st arr.
Very tasteful cuisine, caring about the products and to the trendy taste of the customer.

If you prefer savorous tapas and arroz in the menu of the LE Paquebot restaurant, wooden floor and brass everywhere, with a “ship” décor, you must absolutely try out the “ Paquebot” ,14 rue Sauval 1st arr tel 0142211900

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It is now entirely updated 16th of September 2004