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1st arrondissement

Foujita, 41 rue Saint-Roch tel 0142614293
Some say it is one of the better places in Paris. A good sign is that it is often packed, and patience is needed. Of course, you get here what you get in most sushi-bars: sashimi and sushi, but also rice with raw fish, a Japanese specialty.  Closed on Sunday, it has very reasonable prices.

Osaka, 163 rue Saint-Honore tel 0142606429
For me it has always been a good recommendation when you see busloads of Japanese enter a Japanese sushi place. After all, they must know their stuff. The soups (pork), and other Japanese specialties like Japanese pasta are the main ingredients of this place. To have real sushi, go next door, not expensive and good suchi.  Closed on Tuesday

  4th arrondissement

Bistrot Tokyo, 20 rue des Lombards tel 0142721111
Japan in Paris, that’s how you can characterize this place. Simple Japanese décor, like you have many in Tokyo, and very inexpensive: meatballs, traditional soup, salads and a large choice of your favourite sushi and sashimis.

Isami, 4 quai d’Orleans tel 0140460697.
Closed Sunday lunch and Monday. Authentic Japanese place, with an extremely courteous staff, like you can only find in Paris. I loved it! Raw fish are plenty, and if you never ate them, this is the place to taste them since they are so fresh. You have different menus going from sashimi, sushi from 29.50 € on. You can of course also have them per piece.

6th arrondissement

Yamani, 8 rue Sainte-Beuve tel 0145484980.
Sushi menu for 21 €.  Served in a courteous smiling Japanese ambience. But not only sushi. You have a brochettes menu with the traditional Japanese noodle soup, salad, and after a few other appetizers of which Japanese have the secret, the brochettes appear. Closed on Sunday and festive days.

9th arrondissement

Le Café Sushi, Galeries Lafayette, 5th floor tel 0142823456
The Galeries Lafayette wouldn’t be the Galeries if they hadn’t foreseen something for their oriental customers or sushi lovers like you ;-). They designed specially a sort of Japanese corner from where you have a magnificent view. Sushi is the main thing as well as yakitori and sashimi.  Pick between the numerous menus and drinks. Sake or beer.

10th arrondissement

Tokyoaki, 231 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin tel 0146076791
The yakitori place! I figure most of the Japanese in Paris visit THIS place. You will have to wait patiently for a table if you come for lunch. Other people learned about the high ratio quality/price of this place. Sushi, sashimi are not forgotten. They come even in brochettes all served like in the traditional restaurants with first a soup, salad and rice.

18th arrondissement

Taka, 1 rue Veron , Tel 0142237416 . Only for dinner from 19.30 to 22.30
Located in the ancient commune of Montmartre until 1860, the time has preserved the old charm of this place. Cozy, quite soberly, with smiling personages as coming out of a very popular comic strip book. The walls are covered with wooden plaques of zodiacal animals. The cadre is very peaceful. Besides for the sushi and sashimi, people come to Taka for the hot plate (sukiyaki and others) and also tempura. This Japanese never deceives; it exists since such a long time.  Count about 26.50 € a person with a (big) Japanese beer.

19th arrondissement

Soushya, 12 rue Pradier tel 0142028582
Another very tiny place (10 seats only). Japanese don’t like big eating temples like the Chinese. But the sushis are a main reason to come here and the sashimis are delicious. and sashimis of a great freshness (plate for 16.50 €). Closed Monday.