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 Prices may have increased 20 % since 2000.

All around one table, savouring little “plats”, fresh and simple and…talking to your neighbour. It’s the essence of a “table d’hote”. A selection of the most convivial addresses:

La Cave de l’Os a Moelle, 181 rue de Lourmel  15th arr 0145572828
Serving yourself at a buffet except the main dish. How much you can eat! Choice of desserts: mousse au chocolat, tarte aux fruits or crème caramel. Very generous. 19.50 € a la carte.

Helene Darroze, 4 rue d’Assas 6th arr 0442220011. Cuisine of the south east of France, it is not only a gastronomic restaurant. At the ground floor, between all sorts of products basco-bearnais and armagnacs (for buying) you can sit at a table d’hote to eat a plat du jour inspired by the region of the cook. Pole au pot, garbure. A la carte 24.50 €.

L’Ambassade d’Auvergne, 22 rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare 3rd arr 0142723122
Figures already in my three favourites of this arrondissement as a restaurant.
This restaurant should figure in my top list of less than 200 FF restaurants, the more that it is considered as one of the best addresses in Paris, the real one, holding your body, full of energy and taste. Has also a table d’hote where the charcuteries are splendid, aligot file just as it should, and the choux are crispy! The service is of a rare kindness and the décor very “couleur locale” far from the Paris noise. And the prices are sweet. I hope this will last.
Menu for 28.50 €. A la carte 36 €.

Jacques Melac, 42 rue Leon-Frot 11th arr 0143705927
This known wine merchant has the cult of a full blood tradition of splendid charcuteries, generous and marrying perfectly the wines he proposes. Carte 39.5€.

Les Coteaux, 26 boulevard Garibaldi 15th arr 0147348348
A simple cuisine (celeri remoulade, lapin en gibelotte) to enhance the taste of the Anjou wines and Beaujolais, which are the main jokers of this house. Guaranteed ambience. A la carte 22.90 €.

La Cave Gourmande, 10 rue du General Brunet 19th arr 0140400330
Frechon is gone and a new formula. Small prices, inventivity, freshness. But the carte had to be reduced but changes daily. But all is delicious. Looks like we’re heading for a new success. Menu for 27 €.

Le Petit Boileau, 98 rue Boileau 16th arr 0142885905
Very convivial and sympathetic ambience. Good wines with simple home made plats, what the morning market had to offer, well prepared and made with first quality products. Carte for 28.50 €.

Le Pain Quotidien, 138 rue Mouffetard 5th arr 0155439199. This is a pure Belgian formula existing in Belgium since 10 years. From the copious breakfast, fresh bread, butter, jam, to lunch with a good day soup, before attacking a generous vegetarian or Italian salad. It is always a pleasure to sit at a table here. It’s already the fourth in Paris and the success is only growing.