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Restaurants unknown to the tourist world, super relation quality-price with full menu or even ordering a la carte, for less than 15 , French home style cooking, the best I know in Paris classified per arrondissement. Restaurant prices may have increased 20 % since 2000.

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1st arrondissement

Le Pain Quotidien, 18 place du Marché Saint-Honoré tel 0142963170 Open every day. NEW
This is Belgian chain, excellent formula, like a table d’hote. From the copious breakfast with fresh bread, butter and jam how much you can eat, you can have a good soup before a generous assiette Italienne or vegetarian for lunch. It’s always a pleasure to sit here at a table. Carte 18
. Brunch 20 .

La Ferme Opera, 55-57 rue Saint-Roch tel 0140201212. Closed Sunday.  NEW
In an all-wooden decor, return to the simplicity of milk products of first quality and simple healthy plats: soupes, tourtes, gratins. Carte 15 Euros.

Androuet sur le Pouce, rue Saint-Roch 49 tel 0142975739 Closed Sunday NEW
It’s the kingdom of sandwiches, those who make a meal. Good cheeses and a nice cheesecake to finish. Carte 18 Euros.

Le Palet, 8 rue de Beaujolais tel 0142609959. Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday .
Copious menus (terrine de saumon aux petoncles, filet de canard au miel, creme brulee) to savor admiring the Pullman wagon style of a pretty 18th century cave. NEW

La Fresque, 100 rue Rambuteau tel 0142331756 1st arrondissement
Very sympathetic little restaurant. I like the old fashioned deco white faience, wall frescoes, and you sit at wooden tables elbow to elbow, etc…The ambience is really relaxed and the waiters are so typically convivial French, always a joke, a smile and a laugh. Don't imagine a minor workers place, it can be very cosmopolite and trendy here. At noon a quick menu for 12 Euros: an entrée, a main dish very carefully prepared, a quarter of wine and a coffee, all included. You will have the choice between 6 entrees, 5 main dishes, traditional but always with a touch of originality. Also a vegetarian dish on the menu, which is very rare.
No menu for dinner, but count 19 Euros.

2nd arrondissement

Le Pain Quotidien, 3 rue Bachaumont tel 0140419826. Open every day.
Generous tartines, copious salads: it’s the quality and the conviviality that is the top here. Carte 15 Euros Brunch 18 Euros FF. NEW

Little Italy, 92 rue Montorgeuil tel 0142363625 NEW
All products come from the Booth (Italy), it’s a guarantee of quality. A nice dish of antipasti (12 Euros) or a generous plate of pasta (8 Euros) is an excellent snack ;-)

3rd arrondissement

Les Enfants Rouges, 9 rue de Beauce tel 0148878061 Closed Saturday and Sunday.
Good home cooking (pot-au-feu, echine demi-sel aux lentilles) but also an agreeable marine register (saint-jacques a la Bretonne, daurade grilée). Menu for 13 Euros. NEW

Le Bistrot Gourmand, 1 rue Dupuis tel 0142746495. Closed Sunday.
Charming bistro that kept its style of the fifties, where the boss cooks for you a sauté de bœuf jurassien or a filet mignon Du Guesclin. Large terrace in the summer. NEW

4th arrondissement

Le Petit Picard, 42 rue Ste Croix de la Bretonniere in the Marais! 4th arrondissement. My favorite for lunch ! Closed Saturday for lunch, Sunday for lunch and Monday.
Excellent menu at lunch for 10.50
. A choice of 7 entrees, 5 main dishes , 5 desserts and wine included! Food is excellent, well prepared, tasty and juicy. Of course this kind of place is very popular around here, quickly full and packed, so best come early. (around 12.15-12.30 is limit) or later (around 1.30 PM) they don’t accept after 1.45 (or rarely)

Le Temps des Cerises, rue de la Cerisaie 31, 4th arrondissement tel 0142720863
The popular resto with excellence, as they don't make them anymore, I mean authentic and generous. Only open for lunch. The popular resto with excellence, as they don't make them anymore, I mean authentic and generous. A great family place Only open for lunch. . . One of my readers (MHS) had terrine, chicken leg with tarragon sauce, hericot vert, and frites, followed by crème caramel, café and Schweppes all for 16.85
It is advisable to come early.. Menu 10.75

Le Pain Quotidien, 20 rue des Archives, tel 0144540307 Open every day.
The same formula everywhere, like in the 1st and 2nd arr. Taste the delicious patisseries maison. All Belgian quality!! Carte 12.25
. Brunch 17.85 . NEW

Au Rendez-Vous des Amis, 10 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie tel 01420599. Closed Sunday and Monday.
Establishment with sweet prices and a very sympathetic owner, where you see only simplicity and freshness (of the products) NEW

Piccolo Teatro, 6 rue des Ecouffes tel 0142721779 Closed Monday.
Nothing Italian and surely nothing of a theatre but a simple and honest vegetarian cuisine for those who like that.  NEW

5th arrondissement

La Voie Lactée, 34 rue du Cardinal-Lemoine tel 0146340235. Closed Sunday.
Turkish cuisine with subtle savours (Kefte and oriental rice, courgettes farcies, saute de veau and aubergines chaudes). Lunch menu for 11.50 €. Dinner: 13 € and 15.50 € (drinks included)

Le Pain Quotidien, 138 rue Mouffetard tel 0146340235 Open every day.
Same delicious program as in the other arrondissements. Carte 15.50 . Brunch 17.75 €.

6th arrondissement

La Tourelle, 5 rue Hautefeuille tel 0146331247 Closed Sunday.
In the heart of the Latin Quarter, a simple and vigorous cuisine (boudin aux deux purees).

Polidor, rue Monsieur le Prince 41, 6th 0143269534
A real students landmark. Traditional plates executed correctly (boeuf provencal, fondant au chocolat). Guaranteed atmosphere in a cute XIXth century setting.
A la carte 15.50 €.

7th arrondissement

Chez Germaine, 30 rue Pierre Leroux tel 0142732834. Closed Saturday night and Sunday.
Simple, without any pretension, familial cuisine in a convivial elbow to elbow but very generous in the style of house cooking. (pot au feu, blanquette de veau, clafoutis maison). Menu for 10.50 €. A la carte 15.50 €.

Au pied du Fouet, rue de Babylone 45, 7th 0147051227
A real bistro for the Parisian natives, but today the nearby working employees of the French ministeries benefit from that good classic cuisine. A la carte, 15.50 €.

l'Auvergne Gourmande, rue Saint-Dominique 127, 7th 0147056079
The last place to be "in". You will skirt congressmen, journalists, even a few stars, shortly said, only "du beau monde" (the high class people) for dishes typically French. Only for lunch. A la carte, 15.50 €.

9th arrondissement

Chartier,  7 rue du  Faubourg Montmartre tel 0147708629. Open all year.
Its reputation is not to make anymore. I came here when I started travelling 35 years ago! I didn’t keep an unforgettable memory of high quality cuisine but my belly was full. For the cadre belle Epoque, for the impressive ballet of the waiters running all around and the democratic prices, a simple but varied carte. Menu for lunch (and evening) for 14 € wine included

10th arrondissement

Le Sainte-Marthe, 32 rue Sainte-Marthe tel 0144843696. Open every day. NEW
On a cute small square, terrace when it's sunny, you can eat fresh market cuisine in a good ambience. Lunch for 11 €.

Restaurant de Bourgogne, 26 rue des Vinaigriers tel 0146070791. Closed Saturday night and Sunday.
Family cuisine of good quality (blanquette de veau, gratin de raisins) for the nostalgics of Old Paris. Lunch menus for 8.50 and 9.25 €, evening dinners for 9.25 € to 10.25 €.

11th arrondissement (click on 11th to return to top)

Le Petit Keller, 13 rue Keller tel 0147001297. Closed Sunday.
A simple bistro with sunny walls where they serve with a big smile and very convivial ambience very well done plats (tomate farcie au chèvre, brochette de porc marine au citron de coriander, frites maison). In a neighbourhood where the phoney modern (bars and worthless restaurants) multiplied as mushrooms, this is a nice little place to make a halt. Menu for 11.50 €, wine included. This is a steal address.

Le Wok, 23 rue des Taillandiers tel 0155288877 Closed Sunday NEW
You have to make your own cuisine in woks that let you cook very shortly with a high temperature fire, vegetables the Japanese way. Amusing and convivial. Very trendy. Menu for 15.25 €. All you can eat.  

12th arrondissement

La Table d’Aligre, 11 place d’Aligre tel 0143078488. Open every day, all year. August and Sunday.
Excellent chef that Marc Baudry. On this cute place d’Aligre, crawling with people for the famous market d’Aligre, this chef of great talent received us at noon with an adorable welcoming and service. The prices are ridiculous when you taste the quality. I started with a terrine d'aile de raie et Soissons en vinaigrette 'herbes, Annie had the petits choux garnis de roquefort, crème Banyuls. I continued with the farcis au gout provencal (delicious !) and Annie passed and waited for dessert. She could have chosen between papillote de rascasse, créme citronnée or estouffade de canard, petits navets glacés, crouton de tapenade. But her appetite is not that big for lunch.. She had créme brulée aux calissons and I took the copeaux très noirs de Tante Colette, glace verveine. My oh my, do I have an appetite! All this for 13.90 € plus coffee per person. . The evening menu-carte is for 16.25 and 17.75 €. For lunch we had a choice of 8.50 € for one plat,13.90 € the lunch formula (wine included)

13th arrondissement

La Chaumine Normande, rue du Moulin-des-Pres 22, 13th arr. tel 0145807923 Closed Sunday.
Between Auvergne and Normandy the setting is all Normandy but the cuisine goes everywhere, with success. A good table of the Butte. Lunch menu for 10.75 € (except on weekends).
Menu lunch and dinner 15.50 €.

Chez Gladine, 30 rue des Cinq Diamants tel 0145807010  Open every day. NEW
Basque specialties, but also monumental salads or a festival of potatoes (prepared in 7 different ways!) Sympathetic ambience. Menu for 9.25 €.

Le Samson, corner rues Samson and Jean-Marie-Jego tel 0145890923 Closed Saturday for lunch and Sunday. NEW
You can take some strength with this cuisine oscillating between exotism (hareng marine aux piments antillais, fricassee de poulpe à l’antillaise) and classicism (tartiflette, andouillette). A success. Menu for lunch 10.60 €. For dinner 12.25 €.

14th arrondissement

La Bernica, 4 impasse de la Gaité tel 0143203902 Closed Saturday and Sunday for lunch NEW
A good place for cuisine of the island de la Réunion, making you enjoy the pleasures of the island, savors and prices. Menus for 9.50 and 13.25

Chez Charles-Victor, 8 rue Brézin tel 0145396596 Closed Saturday and Sunday for lunch NEW
Good market cuisine, genre foie de veau au vinaigre de framboise, bar à la crème. Menu for 12.25
, carte 16.90 .

15th arrondissement

Le Blavet, 75 bis rue Lourmel tel 0145790816. Closed Saturday evening and Sunday.
Classic small restaurant with appetizing menus (chevre chaud au miel et au concombre, fricassee de volaille au curry)
Lunch menus for 9.50
and 10.75 . Diner menus for 11.50 and 15.50 .

L’Ostreade, 11 boulevard de Vaugirard tel 0143218741 Open every day. NEW
It’s not very copious, but it’s delicious and always fresh in this restaurant dedicated to fish. Agreeable and adorable service. Tapas menu:13.25


Le Monde de Sophie, 68 rue des Dames tel 0142934860 Closed Saturday evening and Sunday
Well prepared little plats (gratin de poissons aux petits legumes, fondant au chocolat) in a rustic cadre. Menus for 9.50 € and 16.95 € (aperitif included)

Menelik, 4 rue Sauffroy tel 0146270082. Open every day.
A copious assortment of Ethiopia specialties to savour with broad thin cakes in immense convivial dishes. Vegetarian menus for 9.25 €(lunch) and 15.25 € (dinner)

20th arrondissement

Chez Ida, 64 rue des Pyrenées tel 0143707786 Closed Friday night and Saturday. NEW
A small trattoria where Ida spoils her customers with fresh pasta or an escalope au Gorgonzola and polenta. Menu: 13.90 €. Other menu for 23 €.