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The marché Aligre is very trendy nowadays. Not only trendy but also cute and a MUST. Maybe one of the smaller open air markets I prefer in Paris since Sunday flea bric a brac and fruit, vegetables, flowers and food are mixed in the same market. And craftsmen work in front of you.
Among all this, a Norman, David Gauliard succeeded to keep in the BARON ROUGE, the small café he runs since years, this ambience of popular essence by bringing some freshness inside.  A pleasant, no nonsense bar with wooden floors, that opens out onto the street The people you see standing at the bar in the morning are not random tourists, they are daily customers and know what a good glass of wine is. So if you're looking for something a different from the normal classic bar and you don't mind sipping wine, this old wine cellar could make a very nice change one afternoon. David Gauliard likes to take life slowly, and staying open late is not one of his priorities. More than 30 wines you can order by a glass between 10 and 25 FF. And the wine can have a companion: a good plate of cheese or charcuterie, with delicious bread and a …simple knife. Forget about the fork: unknown in this place! And be prepared to eat standing at the counter or near the wine barrels Its possible to buy wine by the bottle, and on Sundays you can sample a few oysters from the stalls in the street outside. Good mood is standard here but the bell rings at 21.30!! Closing time! A bit early, no?
Cheese platter or charcuterie: 25-55F, glass of wine 10-25F

Le Baron Rouge
M° Ledru-Rollin
1, rue Théophile Roussel
Tél. : 01 43 42 54 65
Tuesday to Saturday noon, Sunday for lunch.

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