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1st arrondissement

Le Sunset, 60 rue des Lombards tel 0140264660
Open every day from 21.30 to 4.00 except Sunday.
One of the classics in Paris to listen to Jazz. This place is only for listening to music in an almost religious silence. Don’t make noise, don’t discuss with your neighbour. The programmed jazz meets all demands. But the ambience is relaxed and all tables are oriented to the stage. Prices of drinks are not too excessive: 14  €  for the first one, refills between 5.50 €  and 8.50 € .

Le Petit Opportun, 15 rue des Lavandieres-Sainte-Opportune tel 0142360136 
Quite reputed for the quality of their artists. Open from 21.00 until dawn.The musicians start their first set at 22.30. Concerts at 22.30 h. Closed Sunday, Monday and August.
Entrance fee of 10.90 € . Drinks for 3.90 €  and up.

The Slow-Club, 130 rue de Rivoli tel 0142338430 Open 22.00-3.00 (4.00 weekend). Closed Sunday and Monday except before a festive day.
To swing on jazz, blues, Dixieland or rock every night, with concerts at 22.00 h. Facultative consumption from 19FF up. During the week, entrance fee 9.50 € ; the other days 11.50 € . Students less than 25 years 8.50 € , except on weekends.

4th arrondissement

Le Duc des Lombards, 42 rue des Lombards tel 0142332288. Open 19.30 to 3.00 (5.00 weekend).
Always a nice programming in this hall known by all amateurs of jazz. Concerts start at 22.00. Closed one Sunday on two. Always packed and which stars often great names. First drink for 9.50 €  or 12 € , depends which night. Apero-concerts start at 19.30. Take more info by phone.

5th arrondissement

Le Six-Huit, quai de Montebello, tel 0143807454
Open every night from 20.00 to 2.00 (October to March). Concerts from 20.00 on. Cocktails from 0.70 €  on. Eternal feast on the Seine, in an elegant peniche. Very convivila. To listen to good jazz just go to the bottom of the hold. Jazz, blues, salsa, brasilian music or African percussion.

6th arrondissement

Alliance Jazz Club, 7-11 rue Saint-Benoit tel 0142618702
Tuesday to Sauturday concerts at 22.30. Classic jazz

La Villa, 29, rue Jacob tel 0143266000
An intimate jazz- bar and club. Sometimes they manage to perform three sessions a night. It is greatly appreciated by real jazz-fans. Concerts every day except on Sunday from 22.30 to 3.00. One of the reference jazz clubs in Paris.

"Le Latitudes Jazz Club",  rue Saint-Benoit. The jazz freaks are glued together in this place known for its good acoustics. No hard ambience, but soft and professional.

"Birdland Club", 20 rue Princess is not easy to get in. But don't be discouraged and insist. The place is worth it. A place for jazz connoisseurs..

 "Le Bilboquet", 13 rue 0145488184
Orchestra plays from 22.00 in three sessions of an hour. Notice thta here you are assured for more classical, conservative jazz. 


La Scala, 188 bis rue de Rivoli tel 0142616400. Open every day from 22.30 to 6.00. Entrance fee12.50 €  (13.99 €  weekend); free for girls except on Friday, Saturday and festive days.
Here you encounter New York situations. Huge halls, one of the most impressive decors of the capital with its 6 bars on three levels organized around a giant screen. All the music of the world, including his native reggae. Watch out for the watchdogs at the entrance, they filter

2nd arrondissement


La Movida, 12 rue Marie –Stuart tel 0142219860
Open 21-dawn. Closed on Sundays.
This is the most “puro flamenco” cave in Paris100% Andalusia! The place is very sympathetic and the reception is incredible. Pure original flamencos, sipping a good Spanish wine, see the owner play the guitar. You’re not in Paris but in Sevilla! Even if you want a late bite I recommend you the tapas, particularly the “tortilla de patatas” for 0.55 € . Menu for 21 € .

Kitty O’Shea, 10 rue des Capucines tel 0140150030. Open every day Noon-Midnight. Closed on Christmas.
Here we arrive in Dublin. Where is Paris? Customs and behaviour are Irish 100 %. You drink standing and the clientele is very convivial, you will never stay alone. You speak only English? Perfect! Everybody does here.  This is no “imitation” or “newly done old”! Guinness 3.50 €  half a pint. If your sick and tired of noise you can retire on the first floor for some more quietness. On weekends you need about 15 minutes to get at the counter, beware of your toes!

The Frog and Rosbif, 116 rue Saint-Denis tel 0142363473
Now it is England! The Anglo-Saxons invested strongly in Paris! Open every day from noon to 2 AM. Different kinds of beer: white, amber, blond or red, 100% non-pasteurised malt. And everything is home made!!!! They are unanimously praised (0.6 €  a demi, 5.50 €  a pint). Is this a guaranty of quality?? I will not give my opinion since the place is visited in a strong proportion by Anglo-Saxon clientele! English chips, English service, and English cuisine (?). Think what you want ;--)
Menu for10.75 €  and Sunday brunch from 8 € 

Tight Johnny’s, The Irish Pub, 55 rue Montmartre tel 0142339133. Every day from 16-1 AM.
More Irish than this and you die! On weekends amateurs play typical Irish instruments like the flageolet, banjo or uileann pipes. Huge crowds on weekends too. Drinks are not expensive.

La Baraka, 6 rue Marie-Stuart tel 0142361056.Open every day except Sunday. From 17.00-2.00 AM. Mostly jazz and rock. Very easy acquaintance making in this mad place Stand a drink all around and you have friends for life!


The Rex Club, 5 boulevard Poissonniere tel 0142211193. Open 23.00-6.00 AM. Closed in August.
This place used to be a rock concert shrine but this is over. The REX is now exclusively discs playing and you come to listen to the music. All possible variants of techno in a hall, a little austere and cold, with a capacity of 500 people. Here you find all the “flyers”, underground or not, and there is an ambience of conviviality and cult for “music above all”.

Thanx God I’m a V.I.P, 60 rue Greneta tel 0140284314.
For those who want a special kick…a very special place. An address not to give to everybody! Sylvie Chateigner, the incontestable drag queen of Parisian nights, welcomes you in her mutton dress. Very special clientele like drag queens, piercing adepts….