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joshua, my grandson 1 month

joshua 8 months

joshua 12 months

joshua 28 months


 My second grandchild, the cute Dylan, 4 months

Dylan and Joshua, the two cousins

 Dylan, 13 months old

 Dylan, 15 months  

 Sarah Lee, two weeks old



Let me introduce my work and myself. I�m not French, but a Belgian living in Antwerp, a simple tourist who likes to share his 40 years travel experience as a tourist with the world of travel lovers. I don't work in the travel business and have nothing in common with a travel agent neither do I work in that field. My profession is diamond broker,  I'm married, have a son (34) and a married daughter (37). I just became a granddad! On March 22 of the year 2001.  Pictures will follow as he gets older.  That's a granddad's privilege :-).Joshua is 5 now. Pictures will follow.I have a second grandchild, now , from my son, the cute Dylan.And my daughter gave me a third grandchild, a girl: Sarah Lee!
Despite you might think the contrary, my main hobby is not traveling but music, classical to contemporary. I love attending concerts and operas. Some of my cyber friends know that already. Cinema, reading (I have to for my documentation;-)) and gardening are also other hobbies, although my web site takes most of my time and gardening seems out for the moment.
But travel and fine dining comes next! 

I traveled all over the world, Asia, Middle-East, from Hong-Kong to Vancouver and from Montreal to Mexico without forgetting almost all the USA, except Louisiana, Florida and Texas. This summer I visited Sweden, magnificent country!
Europe of course is a privileged territory for me and the situation of Belgium in Europe is ideal. The only countries I did NOT visit are Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, ex-Yugoslavia and Albania.

France is my favorite (with Italy and Spain). My intention is to cover slowly but surely all regions of that country as well as the main art cities of my own country, Belgium.
Amsterdam  and Venice is in good process. 

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