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Perigord-Souillac to Chateau de Montfort

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If you want to see one of the wonders and true jewels of Romanesque sculpture, make a stop in SOUILLAC before continuing to Sarlat.  You wouldn’t believe it but like many of the Dordogne monastery, it was founded in the 9th century, reached its glory in the 12th century when it founded over 150 religious settlements like priories, in the Perigord, the Limousin and the Quercy. A village grew up around its walls where you access by the famous “Pont de Souillac”, built begin 19th century.
Wars and battles raged for centuries until the MONASTERY, classified historical monument, and the St.Martin church were destroyed by fire in the 16th century. Later fixed up, sometimes in a not very tasteful way by Louis IXV, it is now hard to imagine St.Marie in its real beauty, but the essentials remain. Inside the main door you have wild sculpted scenes and the eye is inevitably drawn to ISAIA the prophet.
Souillac has also another attraction: MUSEE DE L’AUTOMATE. Numerous mechanical dolls haunt the premises, dining, playing music with special sound and light effects.
And if you like to stroll few charming, recently renovated streets, la rue des Craquelins, la rue du Barry des Campis, la rue des Oules, la place Roucou, la place Benetou...and so on.
Modern robots are kept in the ROBOT ZOO and the MUSEE DES ATTELLAGES BELLE EPOQUE is right in the heart of the town.
To head for Sarlat you leave the departement du Lot for the Dordogne, more specifically called Perigord Noir. At the D 50 continue to STE.MONDANE, a riverside village. Visitors pour into Ste-Mondane to see the majestic “Chateau de Fenelon. With its magnificent Lebanese cedar.
Downriver the D 50 you can, if you are willing to get out of the car, you can walk up the medieval streets of GROLEJAC, CARSAC. And then the “Chateau de Montfort”, high over the river and one of the most photographed of all the Dordogne castles.  Try to stop between Carsac and Vitrac to have the best view of it. 

Let’s head for SARLAT LA CANEDA, the city of foie gras!