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Perigord vert-Nontron and the chateau de Puyguilhem

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Verdant and wooded, with fresh running water and undulating hills, the Nontron district in the Périgord Vert is located on the doorstep of the Limousin, Aquitaine and Charentes regions.
This medieval fortress invites you to discover its ancient quarters, doll museum and games from yesterday, along with its famous knives, souvenirs of a traditional craft going back to the 15 th century.....
NONTRON is the largest village of northern Perigord. Lying high on its promontory, crossed by the Bandiat river. Known for the quality of its cutlery, this is really charming village, with a few medieval streets to explore in the lower part. In the upper part, is the very famous DOLL MUSEUM, located in an 18th century chateau. The situation is on Avenue du général Leclerc
tel: 05 53 56 20 80.
The doll collection in this place is really remarkable and the ancient doll amateurs will have a great time! The evolution of the TOY since the 17th century. More than 300 figurines, superb flying machines like old miniature airplanes, surprising family games, magnificent dolls, or very rare train or carriage reproductions will be the ingredients of this visit. 
Like I said before, Nontron is also famous for its knives with boxwood handles. Come, see and buy them at "'La Coutellerie Nontronnaise", 33 rue Carnot. The smallest specimens can be folded into a hazelnut shell. 
Leave the city to drive to Brantome. But have an interesting stop on the way: the CHATEAU DE PUYGUILHEM (built in 1524 by Pierre Mondo de la Marthonie)
This chateau is one that resembles most to the magnificence of the chateaux de la Loire. 
First Renaissance period (begin of XVIth), is classified "Monument Historique" (1881), and really a jewel! François 1er could have built it! 
In 1930, the chateau is saved from total collapse but luckily, on the 15th of March 1939, the chateau is bought by the French State and restoration will start after WWII. 
A great harmony of volumes, towers and turrets in various forms and the façade with its numerous windows. Inside, a richly decoration will welcome you, spiral staircase, coffered ceilings, Renaissance tapestries, and a superb sculpted chimney called "Des Travaux d'Hercule"(the Labours of Hercules". Furnishing, tapestries, weapons, all decorating the inside as outside will make you dream and invite you to a journey through ancient times. 
Brantome is next. 


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