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PERIGORD-Bergerac-Monbazillac and its wine

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From place du Dr.Caylait is just next to the picturesque, tree-filled place de la Myrpe, and the town’s main photographic attraction: Cyrano de Bergerac’s statue, and of course the “brocante market” every first Sunday of the month.  At the end of the square, the Musée Ethnographique (life of Bergerac) and in the rue des Conferences the “Musée de la Batellerie et de la Tonnellerie”. Holding an interesting collection of models and tools used by the vintners, coopers and boatman.

Adorable place Pelissière, with its yearly “TABLE, where food and drinks are flowing like a river. DE CYRANO”You can walk at random in the rue de Fontaines  with two important buildings:”Maison Doublet” and the Vieille Auberge, at 27 rue des Fontaines.

Six km south of Bergerac on the D 13, set on a high ridge, The “CHATEAU DE MONBAZILLAC”, erected in 1550 by Charles d’Eydie. This chateau was miraculously preserved and the remains today are exactly as those the day it was built. The grounds and two lower floors are open to the public. There are rooms filled with old Perigourdin utensils, tapestries and other furniture. But the best comes at the end: a free glass of Monbazillac’s famous wine in the new pavilion at the other side of the road.

A few words about Monbazillac’s wine. Even if it is overshadowed by its very near neighbor Bordeaux, this region of Monbazillac produces wine since the 12th century. Its in the 18th century, when the Dutch developed a taste or sweet, heavy wines, ,the best vineyards on the chalky clay of Monbazillac were developed to the production of a strong, white , dessert wine . As the vines are unusually planted on the steep-north facing slopes taking a microclimate into consideration, where the autumnal mist and fog helps to incubate “Botrytis Cinerea”, the “noble rots the grapes but adds an extra, distinctive sweetness and fragrance, that tastes so good when served ivy cold (no ice blocks please!!!!)with foie gras, melon and desserts.



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