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Belgian beer, a noble tradition

Brewing beer in Belgium is a noble tradition.
There is no doubt that Belgium is the country of beer. What other country can offer more than 450 varieties of beer. Belgium, with its widely varying landscape offers a range of beers with the most contrasting tastes and flavors. Beer is deeply rooted in culture and tradition and is more than just a drink.
These are certainly not the only reasons why Belgium deserves its title of Beer Paradise. Belgian brewing has kept pace with technology and produces beers which correspond to consumer demand, but at the same time Belgium maintains the traditional character and range of beers which never fail to amaze the foreign visitor.
The main claim to fame of the Belgian brewing industry is twofold: classical pilsner-beers of the highest quality, brewed in more and more productive breweries, for which there is the greatest demand.
And a series of other beers : abbey and trappist beers, gueuze, kriek, white beers, Belgian ales, "Saisons" and other special beers which make our brewing industry unique in the world.
Uniformity is one thing we do not have to fear and the industry is glad that the consumer is becoming more and more a beer connoisseur.