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Main Belgium page

Diamonds in Antwerp (1)

Diamonds in Antwerp (2)

Underestimated Antwerp

Antwerp Zoological garden

Antwerp main visit page

Restaurants Cafes Nightlife-Jazz Hotels Beer shrines cultural life

An incredible and stunning city to discover!!

Antwerp by foot, its insolent and secret treasures

Introducing the walk-Keyserley Leysstraat-Meir

Meir shopping, slowly loitering to Rubens house

Rubens, his life and his house

Bird market-Bourla theatre - more shopping 

Shopping streets to Groenplaats

Area around Antwerp Cathedral 

Cathedral of Our-Lady

Grote Markt and Town hall

Guild houses-Vlaaykensgang 

Hoogstraat and Grote Pieter Potstraat

Printers museum Plantin-Moretus

Museum Mayer van den Bergh-Maagdenhuis

Strolling to the Carolus Borromeus church

Rockoxhuis- Rubens tomb at St.Jacobskerk

Cogels-Osylei area, unique in the world (1)

Cogels Osy area, unique in the world (2)

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