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Kroller Muller Museum

The gardens of the Kroller Muller give the different phases of sculpture, from the end of the19th century up to our era. Here they can breathe and play with the light and material contrasts along the seasons and landscapes. The human forms, born out of the hands of Rodin, Maillol, Permeke, Giacometti, Lipshitz seem to play seek and hide. It's up to us, to you, to find them.
And there is no shortage of abstract works either: "Le Berger des Nuages" by Arp, for an example, makes the environment reflect on its brilliant surface. Wind pushes shadows and the sculptures seem to come to life. But the garden has other surprises in store, like that path hidden between the beech-tree foliages. All along that path, small statues of Oriental wise men, in lotus position and full mediation, invite you to calm and introspection. It's only a passage, because as soon get out of this corridor of peaceful contemplation, you will be assaulted by the blinding colors of Pop Art artists. A gigantic blue trowel by Claes Oldenburg, fixed into the ground, will remind us that nature works.
"Art means research and desire. Art NEVER stops". Her museum and the bordering garden are the best illustration of her beliefs. Here, nothing, ever, stops desire. 
Because, beyond, beech-trees, pines and birch-tress alternate with moors covered with heathers, sable dunes and ponds. Yes sir! The museum is located in the "Nationaal Park van de Hoge Veluwe", Netherlands largest natural reservation park. This, park of a stunning beauty in all seasons, was originally owned by the Kroller Muller family and was used as hunting terrain. Today it is a peaceful environment for all animals living in the woods, animals that you can observe from specially designed watchtowers. Maybe you will be lucky and catch a glimpse of a hind or bouquetin. 
The park, vast space of moors, is divided into a nice area of high forest trees, prairies and moving dunes open to the public and ploughed by numerous beaconed paths and trails and ....bicycle hikes. Because to ride the 42 km of bicycle trails, about 1,000 "white bikes" are lend freely to all visitors near the different park entrances and next to the museum. To combine the pleasures of nature with Art (with capital A), that's part of the Dutch heritage....

Practical info:

Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe, 250 Apeldoornseweg 7351 TA Hoenderloo tel 31/318591627
Entrance fee for the park and the museum is free for children under 6.
8 DFL from 6 to 12
16 DFL for adults.
Schedules: Open from 9.00-17.30 from November to March. From 8.00 to 21.00 the rest of the year.