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Finally here are some Amsterdam restaurants, which must be not so bad, and even good when I believe my friend Joos Huitema, whom I told I could not find any place that suited me in Amsterdam. He was OUTRAGED. You are a total ignorant, Jack, he said !I’ll give you some to lick your fingers off, he said and not only that but they are trendy. So I promised him to try some out next time. But let me share a few with you.
You want good sandwiches?

LE PLANTAGE, 61 a, tel 3309469 facing the zoo, where you can taste gross and thick grilled tartines with confit vegetables, melted mozzarella or eggs with cheese. With a good salad the lunch will cost you 25 €

For the charm; try the
NEW DELHI, 73 Haarlemmerstraat tel 6262755 Nothing in common with India and its food in this small place with clear and blond wooden furniture, an ITALIAN cuisine, with the inevitable “foccacia” (, accompanied by mozarella, thick bread with tomato), pistou soup, grilled aubergines spaghetti with garlic. Count 25 €

An ambience and special atmosphere you can find in
4-6 1e Anjelierstraatdwarsstrrat, tel 6392480 where the chef tries to make the best out of esthetics and savors of his cooking, harmonizing grilled lobster and this French fries. Marinated rabbit in red wine. A real Dutch meall! Count 35 €.

Stay at a farm in the heart of Amsterdam:

THE 251 GOVERT, Flinckstraat tel 6798240. French cuisine!! Cozy with velvet couches, glass luster, to decline a French soup, the “daily fish”, in original version on the carte, but also a pheasant with cabbage, well executed and a “chaud-froid in chocolate, professionally prepared. A miracle. I will go and taste to believe it. But Huitema liked! 35 €

If you like a little kitsch with VIDEO and FLUO, you have your kick at 42, Utrechtraat tel 6259251. Kitsch is off course the main ingredient here, blue walls, red couches, an old cadre around a video screen, and glass panels with fluorescent spots. Eating? Why not the “bisque de homard”, pigeon breast, hot fudge: 35  €

Amsterdam has also a Mediterranean lounge: Mme JEANNETTE!, 12 1e van der Helstraat tel 6733332
The success of this place is especially due to the bright colors on the walls, the convivial couches where you sit, squeezed like sardines , and its southern cuisine: parmesan carpaccio, spaghetti alla vongole, vitello tonnato (veal with tuna) . Also 35 €

The trendy place, an obliged passage is MOKO, 12 Amstelveld tel 6261199, on a small square between two canals. Typically Dutch design with round Formica tables, an aquarium (very popular in Amsterdam) and very luminous spots. The cuisine is very edible with a meli-melo of odors and tastes: tarama and lobster salad, grilled spinach with mascarpone (funny!). Still 35 €.  

Not especially temples of extraordinary food, but very agreeable
places to pass a few moments, here are three places:

Supper Club Lounge, 21 Jonge Roelensteeeg tel 3446400

The trendy and less trendy part of Amsterdam has chosen this restaurant–club place to be seen and eventually taste a few plats, quite mixed in variety, the so-called “world-food”, with a world-food “music” in the background. You can also join a very agreeable cellar type bar, just to be there! Count 35 €.

Kamer 401, 401 Marnixstraat tel 3204580

First of all should come in couple or with a bunch of friends, start to drink a few wine bottles, and then dine with Italian pasta, noodles or copious salads. The ambience is hot, the service adorable but soon overrun. Anyway, the young people adore the place!!! Count 30 €.

Lof, 62, Haarlemmerstaat tel 6202997

Now finally a restaurant, simple, inexpensive where you feel at home (thanks to the welcoming). Faience tiles on the wall, the rough sea saltboxes deposited on the tables, wooden chairs, and the furnaces in the back, where you can see them. Cuisine is simply Asiatic-Mediterranean, with the classic tomato-mozzarella, and the even more traditional fish and meat with basmati rice. Count 25 €.